Schooling Misho

August 24, 2005

My son starts school in a few weeks and oh how ready we are for that. He was in a nursery until a month before I delivered his sister. He hasn't been back since. The owner of the nursery assured me that she would keep a place open for him but reneged so he's been home with me for almost a year now. Yes, there are other nurseries but driving him back and forth with an infant in tow just wasn't my idea of, you know, sanity. It hasn't been easy with an infant and a pre-schooler at home during the summer. One can only take so much of mall-walking and the aquarium. There's no grandma's house to drop them off at for the day. My parents are in the States, my husband's parents are deceased. There's no story time at the library or Barnes & Noble. There's no bike riding, long days at the beach or play time outside at all because it's hellishly hot. Instead, we do the best we can inside – fighting off cabin fever and the temptation to plop my son down in front of the TV all day long. Yeah, I'm so ready for my son to start school soon. I'll drop him off that first day, skip back to my car, blast my music, get on the highway, put the windows down and drive all fast and recklessly. I'll feel like a REBEL. Uh, who am I kidding? As soon as I schlep back to my car, I'll break out the tissues, cry like a baby and seriously consider home-schooling and then the seminary.


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