Garden Update: May 11, 2006

May 11, 2006

The mystery fruit tree is quite possibly a blackberry tree. I believe in Arabic it's referred to as toot. What I've learned so far is that it doesn't do well in a pot. It thrives in the ground and likes a good watering once a day during cooler temperatures and twice daily during the heat. I mist it every day, making sure I get the top leaves nice and wet. It's in full sun and I fear that it may be too much during the hottest days of summer. It's already 42°C, so I can't even imagine what it will be like next month. And the month after that. And so on. My tangering tree is sadly not doing well. My children went through a phase where they would do anything to get to the tangerines and squeeze them because, according to my son, when you squeeze them, they look like "monster faces". It also didn't do well during a transplant that I had done at a nursery a few months back. Also not doing well is my Spanish Lavender. It's kind of woody at the bottom and no matter what I do, I just can't get it to thrive. It did, however, have those typical purple flowers last month which have now all faded but when it was in full bloom, it was really beautiful. (At one point I thought it might be creeping rosemary but I was wrong. I just bought some creeping rosemary and am waiting to transplant them in the front yard.) Thriving herbs/plants include: Rosemary Mint Basil (Mashmoom) Cuban Oregano Iboza or "Swedish Ivy" (Plants from the genus plectranthus seem to do really well in Kuwait.) Bougainvillea (Maynoona) I wish I knew the real name of "kela karpis", as my husband calls it. It grows fast and is great for new gardeners like yours truly. The only thing I noticed is that it doesn't handle transplantation well. It's great for shade, as two neighborhood stray cats found out recently. I bought some teeny-tiny "kela karpis" last year when we moved into our house and planted them in our front yard. Nearly a year later, they look like trees.


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