Payback Time

May 14, 2006

My children are too young to do anything for me on Mother's Day so to celebrate the day, I took them to Marina Mall. Obviously I was feeling the need to feel extra old, fat and frumpy. To my delight, there were many other old, fat and frumpy women there so I wasn't outnumbered by the impossibly beautiful women. While there, I made the mistake of taking my children into the Hallmark store. My son wanted one of everything. My daughter picked up a remote control car and held on to it for dear life. She was NOT about to let that thing go and when I jimmied it out of her hand, she let out this shrill that I'm sure the whales in the aquarium down the road heard. So I said, "Mommy is getting mad, let's go." When mommy starts speaking in third person, mommy's children usually know mommy means business. They know mommy is about to have some sort of meltdown or some split personality is about to appear, maybe in the form of Mary J. Blidge, live in concert, in the middle of a song. (You know, with sweat pouring down her face and seemingly possessed.) My son didn't get the clue, though, so he came running over to me with a V-Tech computerized something-or-other and demanded that I buy it for him. I explained that I didn't have enough money for it. His reaction was to hurl it down to the floor and stomp off while everyone around us watched. Other than that, we had a great time and I bought my children some books at Virgin (haven't been there in a while and must be used to Jarir's prices because everything seemed so expensive), had lunch up in the food court, and treated myself to some cosmetics from BeneFit (before the V-Tech incident). Now I'm off to the playroom for some fun with the children when I all I really want to do is dive into bed and take a nap. Happy Mother's Day!


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