Bedroom : Daily Cleaning

June 5, 2006

When it comes to cleaning, I'm a geek. If there's a book about housekeeping, I buy it. I keep it on my nightstand for weeks and browse through it before I sleep. I browse sites dedicated to cleaning.

I can just see my mother now saying, "Who are you and what have you done to my daughter?!" because I haven't always been a clean freak. I was probably the opposite. My idea of cleaning my room as a child was to shove everything under my bed or in my closet.

But people change and so here we are. I'm going to take you through each room of my home and tell you how I clean it, both daily and thoroughly. Hopefully some of you can use it as a guideline for yourselves.

Before entering the room, I always have my supplies ready. That means: a laundry basket for dirty clothes, a trash bag for any trash in the room, broom, rag, all-purpose cleaner, dustbin, glass cleaner, and paper towels. You can use a caddy or a bucket to make it easier to transport all of these things from room to room.

The very first thing I do is open up all the windows. Since it's so hot here, the earlier you open up the windows, the better. I try to leave them open for fifteen minutes or so to air out the room and let fresh air in.

The next thing I do is air out the beds. I pull the sheets and duvet covers down and leave them that way for about fifteen to thirty minutes.

While I'm waiting for the room and bed to air out, I dust and pick up around the room. I take any dirty laundry out of hampers and put them in a laundry basket. I empty out trash bins into the garbage bag I brought in the caddy/bucket. I use an all-purpose cleaner and a rag to clean end tables and such. Since there is so much dust here, I usually ditch the duster (it only relocates dust) and use Pledge Multi-Surface and a rag to get rid of dust. Clean windows with Windex and paper towels or newspaper. Sweep floor/vacuum carpets if needed.

Now all you have to do is make the bed, fluff up the pillows, shut the windows, and voilá! You're finished.



  1. Do you subscribe to Flylady or anything? My friend swears by it but I find it too methodical and I find it really hard to live up to that. But I have taken some stuff on board. I guess it’s true what she says…babysteps, right? I’d like to hear more about how you went from a ‘slob’ to an organized cleaner since I am still a slob but want to reform my evil ways!

  2. Carla – I checked Flylady out a while ago but got annoyed with all the e-mail messages they send out daily. I think Flylady is good, overall, and can help people that have a lot of clutter and need to follow a routine.

    I went from slobby to anal (almost obsessive/compulsive) when it comes to cleaning and I think having children helped because I went a little overboard with the first one, making sure everything was spotless, etc. Both of my children have borderline asthma so dust is my enemy. I also get fed up when I can’t find something (especially when I’m on the go) so organizing and compartmentalizing everything is my mission. 🙂

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