Bathroom : Daily Cleaning

June 6, 2006

Two areas of your home that have to be cleaned daily are bathrooms and the kitchen. It’s a matter of health and hygiene. So let’s start with the bathroom.

When I’m really cramped for time, wipes, toilet bowl tablets, and daily shower sprays are my saviors. Wipes are useful for wiping down the sink, the outside of your toilet, shower heads, etc. They make everything sparkle. I like Clorox’s lavender scented wipes. They clean well and leave a pleasant scent afterwards. For those of you really cramped for time, Windex makes wipes you can use on your bathroom mirror. For the rest of us, we can pull out our bottle of Windex and paper towels/newspaper from our bucket of supplies we prepared before we came into the bathroom.

Toilet bowl tablets come in handy because you don’t have to use any additional cleaner when you do your daily swishing of the toilet. You take the brush out, give the toilet a swirl, flush toilet with the brush strategically placed where the water comes flushing in (to rinse it), and that’s it. I keep toilet brushes behind the toilets because nobody wants to see them, right?

Daily shower sprays are used after every shower. You simply spray your shower and walk away. How easy is that? If you don’t want to buy a daily shower spray, or in my case – I can’t find it in stores anymore, you can prepare your own by adding vinegar and water (50/50) into a spray bottle. Using this mixture isn’t as easy as a daily shower spray because you should wipe it down and rinse afterwards.

The last task is to mop the floor. What I usually do is use a damp rag with bathroom cleaner sprayed on it, place it under a floor squeegee and mop away. Believe it or not, there are wipes for this purpose as well for people who don‘t have a lot of time.

Put the exhaust fan to suck up any moisture and smells. Walk away and remember to shut the fan off after ten minutes or so.


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