World Cup Soccer on Hotbird

June 9, 2006

For those of you who care and can put up with the German language, check out SF2.

Hotbird, 12399 H, 27500, 3/4, Viaccess and Viaccess 2.



  1. u mean its free !!!

  2. I was told by my dish guy (who often provides me with access codes) that during the month of world cup tourney, the codes are being changed on a daily basis to stop people from accessing the game broadcasts without pay.


  3. ss – Well, you need a decoder with a smart card or a receiver that can automatically decipher Viaccess.

    The Grenadine – Some channels which are normally FTA scrambled this month because of the games but so far SF2 has been coming in clearly. (Viaccess).

  4. i need the code send me please

  5. i can get the free channels to watch world cup but when the game starts the broadcasting stops and gives scrambeled or no signal

  6. Abdi – Go to any satellite store and they can help you with codes.

    Lara Eva (beautiful name, btw) – You need a smart card or a receiver that can decode Viaccess.

  7. if any one found any site contains the updated viaccess code plz tell

  8. does anybody know how to crack irdeto encryption?

  9. I don’t think receivers are capable of decoding irdeto yet but I’ve heard of smart cards that do.

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