Kitchen Basics

June 13, 2006

I've been using liquid stock by Kitchen Basics for a few months now. This stuff is AWESOME. Let me explain why.

Years ago, I became obsessed with reading food labels. I was shocked to find so many additives in what I thought would be simple food. What was even more shocking was that I found ingredients like MSG and trans-fats in bouillon cubes and liquid stock. Kitchen Basics has no MSG and no trans-fats. It's made with all-natural ingredients and is gluten free. 

The stock comes in tetra-paks so it's easy to store in your cupboard or pantry. Once opened, you place it in the fridge.

The stock doesn't need to be diluted so you open and pour, that's it. I can't tell you how much better liquid stock tastes over stock made with bouillon cubes. Kitchen Basics stock is delicious in everything I've used it in including rice pilaf, pasta sauces, and soups.

I can't recommend this product enough. 

[Found in The Sultan Center, Fahaheel.] 



  1. On a different note;
    how did you upload your own picture as the top banner?

    I’m thinking of moving my blog to wordpress, but I can’t figure out how I can temper with the template like in blogger.


  2. I uploaded it to Flickr and then used the URL in the “current theme options”. WordPress has a few themes which are customizable in that you can choose what goes on the sidebar, place the sidebar on the left side, top graphic, etc. but otherwise – hands off. It’s one of the things I don’t like about WordPress.

    Blogsome (where I had my old blogs prior to this one) lets you play around with your template.

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