What’s Up With the Weather?

July 9, 2006

I don’t remember it ever being windy and dusty in July. It seems like it has been windy and dusty forever already. So is my memory bad or is this the usual for July?



  1. Blame it on global warming. Here’s an excerpt I grabbed from a BBC News article on an island’s dying coral reef…

    “Combating greenhouse gas emissions by installing new technology, is, Western nations tell us, a costly and controversial business.”

    They refuse to fix those emissions because it costs them money? Lame isn’t it?

    Kuwait is known to have a very thin atmosphere & an extremely high dust content.

    Our global environment is dying & nobody is doing anything about it.

  2. No last summer I remember it just being HOT HOT HOT!

  3. I remember last summer being hot too. And I remember that it gets humid then dusty during the “changes of weather”. But I can’t remember a July so full of strong wind and dust. My house and “hosh” are full of sand.

  4. Yeah, the dust n’ wind goin’ on is weird and i don’t recall it being like this last Summer…

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