The Headbutt

July 12, 2006

How old is Zidane? I’ve never heard of the guy, but that’s besides the point. My 4-year old son doesn’t headbutt people when he’s angry. My 1-year old daughter headbutts soft things like couches and pillows when she’s frustrated that she can’t express herself in other ways. It’s a stage that children grow out of once they can verbally communicate what they want or what’s ticking them off.

I don’t care what was said, and I can’t believe some morons are actually trying to defend what Zidane did. Athletes say provocative things to each other all the time. It’s (sadly) part of the game and in Italy’s case, it worked.



  1. If you’ve never heard of the guy perhaps you don’t understand why the headbutt won’t overshadow his career.

  2. Nor do I care. What I care about is that people are trying to defend his physical aggression over a verbal attack.

  3. I haven’t come across anyone defendin’ this guy and nor I think I will! He was probably frustrated, it is a big “burden” you know, winning the cup… people should get serious (although I was pretty psyched up when Italy won) 🙂

  4. In the UK, all little boys seem to want to be footballers…the celebrity, the prestige/glamour, the MONEY. Hey, who’d want to be something as boring as a teacher or police officer when you can be a sports personality, eh? But how many little boys were watching that and thinking ‘well, I guess that’s the way to behave…obviously the Italian deserved it–and besides, it looked really cool’. IMHO footballers have way too much influence, more than they deserve and I think it’s a sad state of affairs that this is the case. Athleticism and good sportsmanship have been replaced by greed and winning at any cost. I think that’s really sad. But what will I tell my own son (down the road, he’s a little young yet) about values and good conduct when he sees how these ‘athletes’ act?

    And don’t get me started on my opinion of the England team…let’s just say I don’t think they played very well in the world cup. They might’ve messed up their hair if they did 🙂

  5. This World Cup was full of egoism, so much so that I barely watched it. I didn’t watch a single game in its entirety, not even the final match.

    If it wasn’t bad enough having to sit through the egos of the players, we had to watch the wives as well. If I have to see another Hello! cover of that anorexic ex-Spice Girl with an eternal case of trout pout (collagen), I think I’m going to vomit.

    And yes, I agree with you that it’s sad when children look up to derelict athletes. Imagine – in the States we have athletes who rape, do drugs, and even murder (OJ).

  6. Stin–I agree with you,and yes you’re right about the North American athletes as well. I forgot about the OJ thing! But you’re right, even the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) are celebs for doing nothing. Yesterday we were grocery shopping and on the cover of one of the many magazines at the checkout there was the headline, “Posh: I’m not anorexic, I’m just disciplined”. Translation: “I am so disciplined that I only eat one carrot stick and one lettuce leaf per day”. HA HA HA!

    We’ve been getting some pretty hot weather here. I can’t imagine what it’s like over there…it’s hard enough keeping a baby cool in this country!

  7. LOL @ “WAGS”. I’ve heard the secret to all those overly skinny celebs is drugs, specifically cocaine. How she has that figure after having how many children? three? is beyond me. Posh irks me.

    I’ve heard about heatwaves all over the States and Europe and I can’t even imagine what it’s like with no air conditioning. We have AC everywhere over here so the annoyance is getting into a hot steamy car and getting from point A to B and cursing the car’s AC for not getting cool quickly enough. 🙂

  8. Awww Stinni, certainly you must remember the humidity here! You know, the kind that after you take a shower, it takes your hair three hours to dry? Yeah, it’s that bad. Washing your floors? Haaaaa. Forget it. 10 days of this now, and counting- the only places here with AC are restaurants.

    Is it a ‘dry’ heat in Kuwait?

  9. Hi Angela. Yes, thank God for dry heat. Kuwait has dry heat but it can get humid in September. I’d much rather be in an oven than a sauna. I remember a few years ago we were in Massachusetts and it was 90-100F with nearly 100% humidity. It was aweful! At least with dry heat, you can still move around and feel like you’re not about to collapse.

    Humidity and snow are two things I don’t miss about New England.

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