Relatives Out Of Lebanon

July 16, 2006

My husband’s sister and her husband were spending the summer in the north of Lebanon. Like a lot of Kuwaitis, they have an apartment in the mountains that they flock to in order to escape the summer heat. They called at 9AM yesterday and said they were on their way out of Lebanon. We didn’t hear anything until 5:30PM last night. You can imagine that my stomach was full of butterflies, waiting to hear if they made it to safety and the sigh of relief to hear that they made it out and were in Jordan.

This blog isn’t a political one, so I’m going to start posting about the usual topics but it in no way means that I’m being insensitive. My thoughts and prayers are for everyone out there who are dodging bombs and trying to live a normal life.



  1. I’m so glad to hear that they got out safley. I am sure that it was nerve wracking.

  2. Of course you’re not being insensitive; but the way in which events have continued to escalate is alarming and has everyone wondering how long this is going to last while the world just watches – as people are killed and infrastructure destroyed.
    Our prayers with all who are subject to violence and aggression.

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