See You In September

August 1, 2006

We’re off to Italy soon so you probably won’t see anything here until September. I might upload some pictures to my Flickr account while in Italy but I’m thinking I probably won’t have the time.

My mother will be meeting us in Napoli which will be great for everyone. It’s been about a year since my children saw their grandmother so I’m sure they’ll have a great time together. My cousin Lara will be in Tuscany visiting her parents, along with her daughter who is a few months older than my son. I’m hoping the children can connect and form relationships with everyone.

When we get back in September, it’ll be crunch time to get my son ready for school. At that time I might have to reassess my determination to blog because while writing this thoughtless, short post – I was interrupted a total of fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen (I kid you not) times. It’s almost impossible for me to write a single word anymore.

So there it is. Wish us luck. Traveling with a four-year old and a one-year old should be interesting. I haven’t been to Italy in about two decades (yes, I’m that old) so I’m hoping I don’t faint once I get there.




  1. I was meaning to ask you, Stin..what are you bringing to keep your kids occupied on the plane? You’ve done this before, I haven’t. I am really dreading this flight because I just don’t know how J willl react to being in a confined space where he can’t run around. Any tips you can give me will be eagerly put to use! I know you’re probably running around like a mad-woman packing and making sure you don’t forget stuff like oooh, passports! 🙂 but if you’re too busy to see this, then have a fab time and I understand about the blogging thing because I’m in the same position.

  2. Have a safe & fabulous trip! You’ll be missed! :*

  3. I hope you have a fun vacation, Stinni. 🙂 And that you do continue to blog after school starts…
    Take care!

  4. Actually, I haven’t seen the kids in almost 2 years! That’s why I’m so excited to see them. The baby won’t remember me at all, but Mishmishti will. I can’t wait to spoil them rotten. He he he

  5. Hey there! Just got back from our cruise! Have a wonderful trip in Italy! So cool that you get to see your relatives,and your mom! I’ll hopefully get to talk to you via email before you leave.

    Love Kerrie

  6. Bon voyage!

    As for not having time to blog: get a maid that doubles as a secretary. You could dictate your blog entries to her, and she could just type them up and upload them 🙂

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  8. have an amazing time!

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  10. Well every city has both sides the good and the bad!

  11. Equalizer, you’re blogging again?! YAY!!!! 🙂

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