September 23, 2006
  • It took me forever to get used to the weekends being Thursday and Friday instead of Saturday and Sunday. Now I hear our weekends will be Friday and Saturday. Bah. I love Thursday-Friday weekends and will be sad to see them go.
  • I saw something in the paper the other day about some MP who wanted to halt the construction or allocation of a plot for a coptic church because of what the pope said in his speech a few weeks back. First off, Coptic Christians don’t follow the pope. Following the pope is what sort of caused the big rift in Christianity and the outcome were two separate paths: Orthodoxy and Catholicism. I had to shake my head at that article.
  • The same article called for a stop to the “crusade” in private schools in Kuwait. An MP, maybe the same one in the above rant, made the accusation that a foreign teacher went skinny dipping in the school pool in front of students. Scandalous. I want details. I find it funny that some MPs who rant and rave about evil coeducation have children in, you guessed it, coed private schools. For the record, my son goes to private school and they aren’t allowed to have any decorations for any Western holiday, religious or otherwise and so the idea that there’s a crusade going on in private schools is ridiculous.
  • Going shopping at the supermarket this morning was like shopping right before World War III. I’ve never seen a Sultan Center completely out of produce but the one I went to this morning was nearly out of everything except herbs and fruit. I was lucky to get my hands on some tomatoes and onions. Sometimes I think people have forgotten that Ramadan is about fasting and not about eating.
  • KTV2 on satellite rocks. During the day they broadcast cooking shows, Martha Stewart and home design shows. All without commercials.


  1. Ah our MPs bring such joy into our lives!

  2. Don’t they? At least some of them bring an entertainment value to our daily lives. πŸ™‚

  3. It’s looking snazzy over here in your corner, Stinni! πŸ˜‰

    I can’t believe it’s Ramadan time already. Where did the year go?

  4. The weekend is changing? How are they going to manage that? If you have more info. I’d love to see it.

  5. Angela – The older we get, the more time seems to fly, right?

    Becca – I did a quick google search and found a link to the Arab times regarding the weekend change.

  6. Nice new template!

  7. Q8Sultana – Thanks! I decided to change templates because the one I was using prior to this one is already in use by another Kuwaiti blogger and I like individuality. The dark colors are appropriate because Halloween is around the corner. πŸ™‚

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I love the new page! And yes, Halloween is JUST around the corner. I LOVE October!

    Still have to email you, I’m just retarded and keep forgetting…..DUH.


  9. Hello Stinni, well.. again it has been quite a while between my visits. Lovely new look here! I was just to your old blog, realized my bookmarks needed updating.

    So… changing the weekend? Hmm… that is rather unimaginable – but, I guess whenever the time off is, that is the weekend. My ‘weekends’ therefore vary all over the place as I work 2 of 4 ‘real’ weekends… and have days off various times depending on where I am in my work cycle.

    I think I’ll trip on over to your photos to look at what you have of your trip to Italy posted.

  10. Hey cousin. What I wouldn’t do to take a day trip to Salem in October with you!

  11. I love your new page. And the pictures of Italy are awesome.

  12. Hey Desiree – Long time no see. I definitely need more time to cruise blogs.

  13. Hi MOM! I need to send you pics of you and the kids taken in Italy. Guess what we’re listening to right now? Tonto, tonto, tonto… HAHA.

  14. The best present I could ever get for Christmas–hint hint– would be a copy of the CD with all of the songs we listened to in the car and the videos we watched on MTV in Italy. It will forever remind me of being with you guys.

  15. Consider it done! πŸ™‚

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