I Gotta Know

October 4, 2006

My son got called a “chicken nugget” this morning while waiting to line up for class. The boy who muttered it looked Indian to me but who knows. I think I have an idea of what a “chicken nugget” is: a Westernized Kuwaiti? 1/2 Kuwaiti 1/2 Western?

What is a “chicken nugget”? And you know I don’t mean the fast food kind.



  1. a chicken nugget is a kuwaiti who speaks proper english and tends to fit in an english word in his arabic sentences:) dont know why or how they came up with it, but a friend of mine is called that too.

  2. Its a Kuwaiti who has many westernized characteristics.

  3. Kids that go to private schools and end up speaking better english than arabic…

    Here are other definitions

  4. well if youre kuwaiti/arab/ any other skin colour other than caucasian, it means you look like one thing but act like a caucasian/westerner. brown skin white insides.

    its similar to oreo cookie for black people

    banana for orientals.

    umm cant think of anymore but theres bound to be many more.

    generally derogatory, but the funny thing is that simply knowing the phrase surely makes that indian looking kid just as much a chicken nugget as anyone else 😛

  5. I think u got it right, from what I know, ur definition is right.

  6. Brown Skin, white inside = Looks Arab, Acts western = chicken nugget.

  7. Oh; You don’t have to be 1/2 western to be called a Chicken Nugget … It applies to most kids who speak english primarily or act western.

  8. So, if a westernized Kuwaiti is called a chicken nugget, then a not westernized Kuwaiti would be called chicken machboos?


  9. Brown on the outside, white on the inside – got it now! Thanks everyone.

    I should mention that my son is 5 and the kid that called him a chicken nugget was about 8. My child sort of kicked the other kid out of his way and that’s when he was called a chicken nugget. The way the kid muttered it and the look on his face made it seem like it meant jerk or something.

    Q8Sultana – I was thinking the same exact thing! 🙂

  10. This main point everyone seems to be missing is that you kid was insulted. By a kid who was most likely taught by his parents to degrade other kids. Just really pisses me off1

  11. Oh…. kids can be sooo… well, I hope your son did not think much about it. I guess there will always be some slang names for those that are in some way ‘different’ from the masses. Really, it is too bad.

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