Because Something Is Better Than Nothing. Right?

October 17, 2006
  • After having Orbit for a year, we’re going to cancel because they’ve lost most of the programming we signed up to watch. Most of the shows that were once on Orbit can now be seen on MBC4 which is a FTA channel. The only reason we held on this long was to see Season 6 of the Sopranos. I watched the first two episodes and was really disappointed. My parents told me it wasn’t as good as before and they were right.
  • I’m going to try to go without any satellite pay-package because I don’t think Showtime or ART/Star Select are any better than Orbit. I think I can get by with MBC4, One TV, and Italian channels via Hotbird.
  • But what about Eastenders, you say? Well, BBC Prime decided to move it to the weekends (their weekend: Saturday and Sunday). You have to sit through two hours of it at one shot and since they made the switch, I haven’t watched it once. I wrote to BBC Prime about how I thought it was a mistake to switch it and they actually replied to me in a very personal way. I was shocked because when I offered a few suggestions to Orbit, I got a “Thank you SIR, we’ll forward you letter to our office in Bahrain.”
  • My housekeeper actually had the nerve to eavesdrop on a telephone conversation I had with the woman she called earlier and hung up on. My maid was trying to call her friend (a maid) and when her friend’s employer picked up the phone, my maid hung up. Since the employer has caller ID, she called me and asked me why I call and hang up on her all the time. We figured out that my maid was the one who has been calling and the woman was nice about the whole thing. My maid listened in on the conversation from the kitchen phone. I caught her right before I hung up. She was hiding behind the kitchen door.
  • Since Ramadan started, most of my time has been spent in the kitchen. I’m not as inspired as I was last year, and I think I’ll be relieved once Eid arrives.
  • My children go to bed early and are early to rise. I like it that way but it leaves us with no social life.
  • My daughter, who turns 2 shortly, is very opinionated about the clothes and shoes she wears, and which songs are being played in the car. God help me.


  1. Italian channels? you speak Italian?

  2. Going to Italy in August showed me that I don’t speak it as well as I thought. 😦 E lei? 🙂

  3. It’s amazing the shows you can find if you hunt long enough, a month ago I discovered Jay leno and Conan obrien are on every night, A french channel used to have Jerry Springer every night, some of the Lebanese channels had American shows and movies on late but now
    ramadan makes them haraum I guess. I can’t get BBC Prime anymore. What is the signal for it? So many Italian channels but so much porn .YIKES. Gail

  4. Unfortunately, BBC Prime changed their frequency and are now using Viaccess 2.5 to scramble which can’t be decoded yet.

    You have to be careful with Italian and European channels because even if they seem seemingly innocent during the day, it’s a whole other story at night. Also, Italian commercials can contain nudity.

    I think half the fun is searching for cool shows on free channels. 🙂

  5. Mmm Interesting 🙂

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