Same Same, Madame, Same Same

October 23, 2006

Have any of you seen that commercial for MTC’s video call service? It features a Kuwaiti woman at home, in a video call with her Bangladeshi driver who is at the supermarket. She has sent him to buy watermelon but he picks up a honeydew melon instead. She tells him it’s not the same as a watermelon and when he finally figures out what a watermelon is, he proudly leaves the store. The Bangledeshi driver looks strung out on heroin. The Kuwaiti madame flirtatiously smiles and laughs with him during the video call.

Did you know depression in adults has risen by 50% in Kuwait? Something tells me that when you let poeple do everything for you, it gives you a sense of uselessness, no sense of purpose, and leads to a lazy and very selfish life. Days at the salon instead of days at the park with your children. Taking five hour siestas instead of spending quality time with your spouse. Sending a driver to the supermarket to buy you some watermelon because you just couldn’t be bothered to do it yourself.

Do you have any idea what message this commercial sends out to the public?



  1. u are soooooooooooooooooooo right!!! i say this everday when i see these commercials…

    and the driver OH YEAH!!! i always say he looks like a pimp! EWWWWWWW

  2. A pimp who just smoked a massive amount of weed. Hehe. I wonder how many takes it took to get him to lip-sync the words right.

  3. By now from all these commercials you should know that the kuwaiti family consists of a father, mother, kids, a maid and a driver.

    What a lazy family, ha!?

  4. lool you’re giving it too much thought, its just a silly yet effortessly hillarious commercial.. ;D i love it!

    and no, i don’t see how it erodes societys moral, or whatever it is u might be saying.. explain further..

  5. I really hated MTC’s commercials this year.
    The ones with Daood Hussain are just pure stupidety, and the ones with the 2 camera phones are even more stupid!!

    I agree that they are stupid. However, I don’t see how they lead to depression. All the familys I know have a maid and some have a driver, but that never stopped them from spending time together or working!!

  6. Judy – I wouldn’t say lazy, no. We have a maid, most everyone I know has one in Kuwait, my parents have a cleaning lady in the States, so I’m not against having hired help. What I don’t like is when people get lazy and let other people do everything for them.

    Baroque – Both my husband (Kuwaiti) and I (American) laughed at the commercial but we came to the conclusion that it’s pathetic how lots of people depend on maids/drivers/houseboys to do their grocery shopping. Even though we laugh at it, we can just see how foreigners would watch it and say disparaging things about this society.

    Aurous – Most everyone we know has a maid/driver/houseboy etc. Again, I’m not against hired help, but I am against letting them do everything for the family. You can’t deny that a lot of people let maids raise their children, clean their homes, cook their food, and their drivers do all of their errands. I believe this phenomenon does indeed lead to depression.

  7. I don’t think you are giving this too much thought, Stinni. I think you are right on, and I know one Kuwaiti who whole-heartedly agrees with you on this (we’ve discussed it many times in the past).
    On a lighter note, I love this wordpress theme! Took a minute to figure out how to click around, but it’s really nice and streamlined and clean.

  8. It’s on youtube:

    It’s kinda dumb though

  9. Hi Angela – I know a lot of Kuwaitis who agree with me as well, including some of my husband’s family members. Sometimes I wish I could be selfish and make everyday dedicated to “me time” but I know myself too well and know that I’d get bored like after the first hour. 🙂

    I liked that theme too and might go back to it but it’s difficult to to find your way around and doesn’t have a lot of options, so we’ll see.

    Q8Sultana – Thanks for the youtube link. 🙂

  10. This ad sucks….i’ve never seen any creative ad on TV or billboards till now…..

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