A Bigger and Better Ikea

November 8, 2006

“Hon, can you imagine Ikea being this big in Kuwait?”
-Me, to my husband while in the Ikea in Rome (Anagnina).

Well, guess what? The new Ikea in Kuwait is almost EXACTLY like the one in Rome. It’s huge. There’s underground parking. There’s also a huge parking lot on the street level. It’s well laid-out, well-staffed, and the cafeteria is really big. The play area is bigger than before but I didn’t see much in there in terms of toys. Interesting water features are outside near the entrance. The interior design is a lot like the one in Rome.

Everyone told me I was foolish going to Ikea on its opening day but it really wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. The one in Rome was extremely crowded the day we went there and it was on an ordinary day.

My children and I spent nearly three hours there today. They have a changing room for babies which came in handy. I forgot the diaper bag in my car which was parked way too far away so when I found they had a stash of diapers available in the changing room, I was really happy that I didn’t have to make the trek back to my car. (Yeah, my daughter is almost two and still in diapers….)

My kids were hungry the minute we got there so they had the kids meal (chicken and fries) and I got some Swedish meatballs. My mother makes some mean Swedish meatballs and the last time I had some was when I was a kid. When I took a bite, I was like, OH. MY. GOD. They were delish! They were served with gravy, potatoes, raspberry sauce and steamed vegetables.

That’s it. My children want to sleep and aren’t letting me think and so it’s time to hit publish. The new Ikea rocks. Go check it out.



  1. A new Ikea opened up in MA, in Stoughton and I have yet to go there. I saw some stuff in the catalog though, that I might get for Christmas (for Steph).

    I LOVE Swedish meatballs……

  2. Would you believe I have never been in an Ikea? I don’t even think this state has any… The closest would probably be in MA.

  3. Ketrie – My parents have been there and they say it’s awesome and almost like it’s own little city it’s so big. I love Ikea’s stuff for children and teens and I’m sure Steph would like some of their things. Have your tree up yet?

    Angela – Yes, I do believe you because the first time I heard about Ikea was when I was living in California. Ikea JUST opened up in Massachusetts recently. It’s a real solution for people who live in small spaces, who don’t have a big budget for furniture, and/or those who are into the Swedish, contemporary furniture and decorations.

  4. Mako pictures?

  5. Eee, mako pictures. I had my two children with me and I was shopping for our home so it was hard to snap any pictures. I’m going back soon so maybe in another post?

  6. The one in dubai , DFC is bigger to, but i didn’t see any diapers yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ But soon when i am a daddy to.

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