November 13, 2006
  • Dust in November? In the nearly ten years that I’ve lived here, I don’t remember dust in November. My husband, a Kuwaiti who grew up here, doesn’t remember it being dusty in November. What gives?
  • My son was absent from school for most of last week due to an upper respiratory infection. On Saturday, his teacher asked him where he was the week before. He told her he went to Italy.
  • Hats off to the architect and horticulturist who designed the main park in Fintas. We took our children there yesterday and had a good time. BUT. Someone clogged up the bathroom and now there’s a huge lake of raw sewage in the park. Not cool. There was a lot of broken glass around too. It’s a shame.
  • *Eye candy alert* Robbie Williams in the video “Lovelight”.
  • I heard they’re bringing Carrefour to The Avenues mall. My son is VERY excited but I keep telling him that it won’t be like the ones in Rome. He’s expecting freshly baked pizza, wonderful breads, exquisite fresh cheese, cool school pencil cases, and more. I hope he’s not going to be disappointed.
  • I came home from picking up my son last week and my housekeeper told me that my parents called while I was out. I panicked because it was around 5AM their time. I called them about ten times and couldn’t hear anything, but they could hear me. They panicked because I usually don’t call them out of the blue, our usual day to talk is Sunday. They called me back and we were all relieved to know that there was nothing wrong on either side and NO, they didn’t call. After some investigation, I found out it was a friend who lives right here in Kuwait who called. Yesterday, I wondered why my parents didn’t call. Turns out they did, and left a message but I was never told about it. My housekeeper is on her last leg. After this, no more. I’m done with the drama.
  • Seriously, what’s up with the dust?


  1. I love it! Your son was home sick with a cold and he told his teacher he spent a week in Italy? What a hoot! He must be adorable! And he must keep you laughing all the time!

  2. Did I mention he’s 5? He cracks us up every day with the things that come out of his mouth. 🙂

  3. Hug him every chance you get – they grow so fast! He sounds like so much fun.

  4. It was worth not talking to you just to hear your answering machine message 8^) It is a gem!

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