Thanksgiving ‘06

November 24, 2006

We’re not big turkey eaters. Years ago, I tried to turn Mole into our traditional Thanksgiving dinner but my husband isn’t into Mole and he found it too spicy for his liking. This year I thought about roasting a chicken with potatoes and vegetables but I knew the children wouldn’t touch it.

So we did the sensible thing and went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving.

No fuss, no spending hours in the kitchen, and best of all – no cleanup.



  1. hehe the perfect plan B. Wishing you and ure whole familia a wonderful thanksgiving =)
    have a great weekend
    luv laila x

  2. We had a simple, quiet Thanksgiving at home with only Auntie D. as guest. No fuss, no muss, no drama, no pretense. The next best to your being here.

  3. Laila, hi! Thanks for sending me pictures and telling me all about your trip! When are you going to start a blog? *hint hint* 🙂

    Mom – I’m glad Auntie D shared it with you. I bet the food was great! 🙂

  4. hiya =) hope they were interesting to go through lol..a blog, but what would i talk about? lol..
    tc mwah

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