City 7 TV

November 28, 2006

INtv was a lifestyle/fashion channel from Dubai. It was boring, if you ask me. It’s gone now and in its place is City 7 TV. It just launched today and I can’t find any information about it but so far they’re showing old British comedies.

11861 V



  1. I actually enjoyed some of the programs they had on INtv but I’ll have to see what City 7 has to offer! I wonder why they called it that!

  2. I think they called it INtv because it had to do with what was supposedly “in” in Dubai, fashion and trend-wise.

  3. INTV was amazing compared to City7. It sucks, I mean who would watch that silly breakfast show with people who cant dress, talk or even sit up. I’m all about inner beauty but its TV. could they not have chosen 2 people more ugly, that blong woman has really got to go if they want it to work. And same with the womans show, I wouldnt watch it if you paid me, you 4 make us women look like idiots, especially the fat one, she is really not made for Tv, take a public speaking class girl. Also enough with the brits. I actually like INTV and especially the fashion show, I used to find out the latest trends from that great half an hour show called The Look, also the girl was great, now thats a face to put on TV not blond bimbos.

  4. Bring Back INtv and stop messing about, we dont care what ignorant english losers have to say, u have england for that. INtv finally started becoming good and they went and closed it????

  5. Whatis Good moring Dubai with two people with no common sense, ur right who is that uptight blonde no-body and whats she doing on Tv??? Ur also right abt INtv, it was much better. I would never waste my time watching that, seriously NEVER!

  6. Where did all the fashion go, or the pretty girls they used to have?? Who are these elephants and what are they doing on tele? They have no sense of anything, ugly and dont know how to talk, I would not watch it if they paid me. Plust that blonde girl and from Good morning or whaever its called is so so so annoying, so is the fat one with those 4 women. Did Cit7 decide to just pick up people from the streets and put them on TV???
    What do you guys think?? If you havent watched it yet, trust me and dont! Its sad!

  7. You think you have it bad? Check out the local shows on KTV2. (Kuwait’s English language channel)

    I agree with all of you. It’s a channel for people who couldn’t get on television otherwise. The morning show with 4 women is incredibly boring and a sorry rip-off of “The View”. I wouldn’t even eavesdrop on their conversation if I was sitting next to them in a restaurant. *YAWN*

  8. Not only is it a rip-off, but its a very cheap one too. I mean if ur gonna copy something at leat do it right. I dont know if it is improving but after the 1st time I wouldnt watch it if it were the only thing on TV.

  9. lol! im so gonna find this channel, i need to see all this for myself, very funny

  10. Why dont you guyss put up something sensible, than those boring stuff.

  11. well, I can’t be fair about this channel , it just I have crash on the thin girl, I really don’t care or listen to what is she saying but I keep waching her,, ok .. Romio has told his story; let us get back to the point.
    I think the new thing they brought is showing no Arabic translation.. well, this is new .. but what about the movies .. the programes ?!!
    if we compare it with Dubai One TV !
    I think they have much work to do to make it accepted channel ..
    they have to change everything ..
    I think they can ..
    We just have to give them 6 monthes..

  12. By the way, Do they have a website??

  13. Medo – I don’t think anything can compare to ONE TV and MBC 4 as far as programing is concerned. The only problem I have with ONE TV is that it censors and edits shows to the point of confusion sometimes. I googled City 7 and couldn’t find a website for them. Maybe City 7 will get better with time – we’ll see.

  14. Which thin girl?? No body thin at City 7 that I have seen. Then again I only watched it for 3 min.

  15. Does City 7 broadcast on Satellite? Nilesat and Arabsat? If yes, when?? reply asap please!

  16. Layla – If you read the post you would have seen that it’s on Nilesat, 11861 V (Vertical). It’s on 24 hours a day.

  17. if anyone finds their website pl let us know

  18. Here’s the URL for the station:-


    Apparently the 6 month prediction above was generous.

    It looks like it is falling apart already according tothis article.


  19. Buddies put yourself together before you get there.

  20. K9 Friends Press release

    K9 Friends has been issued with a notice requesting them to vacate their current premises by the 31st of May 2007. Despite a constant struggle to remain where they are K9 Friends is now out of time and their landlord has refused to renew their lease for another year. K9 friends is currently fighting for an extension on their lease as they will be unable to move all of its current dogs and operation in the short time given.

    This means that the current 128 K9 Friends dogs will be out of their shelter in a few weeks time. K9 Friends regrets that once again they have to suspend their present operation and concentrate on re-housing the dogs currently in their care.

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  21. i am a journaliste from Morocco, i am looking for a training oportunity in your station.

    Best regards

  22. hey there has been lot of improvement in programing with some Australian and Dubai based shows but bottom line, with the coming of mbc action and one tv introducing local news (copying their concept). It will find it hard to find an audience. there are now 6 free english tv channels, 2 news channels, 2 music channels and 1 free religious channel. when will people switch to this channel ??

  23. The Channel is totally different thats a plus, but they got to do more to get the public to switch during prime time. the news is presented better then Dubai one. Their car show was most watched, dunno what happed to that anybody!!!! Daytime well there nothing on any channel all girlish, but why watch morning show based in America how does any thing they say relate to people in the middle east. There is a movie on Saturdays 0800 pm dubai time. I haven’t been bothered to switch but do check on it when ads are playing on others so am tempted now. MBC first started 15 years ago and now become big in the past 5 years It does take long for TV channels to establish an audience. Dubai one is great but channel 33 as it was formally know was established in 1978. So now sure these are giving all the Star tv channels and show time channels a run for their money.

  24. It will get there in Five years or later

  25. because its different thats needed in this market cause why would you watch the same thing u c else where, why would u switch.

  26. I agree with you raja

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