And the winner is…

December 3, 2006

…Sultan Center in Fahaheel. I’ll break it down for you.

Ace – Had the worst trees, I thought. None of them did anything for me.

True Value – Had a few nice ones. They have a few fiber optic trees but they weren’t my style. The fiber optic branches were white/clear and I thought it made the tree look a little tacky. They also have a few trees that have branches that sweep down, very cool and natural looking and I almost picked the taller of the two.

A to Z – Aweful selection.

Sultan Center’s choices were so-so but I liked this particular tree which is as high as our living room ceiling. It was only KD29 (KD25 at the one in Al Kout and KD49 at the one in Mangaf. I don’t get it.) and really easy to put together compared to the old one.

Now it’s time to decorate. I wonder if it will look like the one we had last year. It had a massive concentration of ornaments towards the bottom of the tree because I let my son have total creative control.

Do you have a tree? Is it up yet?



  1. Make sure you take a pic for us to see the end result =)…There wont be a tree at my house, but i do think they are lovely, especially the ones carefully decorated *sparkly*. Maybe i can find a tiny one that i can put on my dressing table, oo! like the size of one of those mini cactus plants!
    Has been raining alot the past few days in Kuwait?
    Luv Laila x

  2. Hey Laila! I think a mini tree sounds perfect. No rain in Kuwait, in fact – not much rain at all this year. Winter is supposed to arrive soon, it’s very late this year. The nights are freezing but the afternoons are still pleasant. What about over there?

  3. {converting currency in my head} – you got a good deal!

    Will you put your tree up on flickr? 🙂

  4. Angela – Absolutely! We decorated the tree last night so I’ll be posting a picture soon.

  5. its been pouring here for about a week, winter is definitely upon us in Dubai =)

  6. You’re lucky. 🙂 Send some rain this way, please.

  7. We put up our (ugh) fiber optic tree tonight. V. decorated it with teddy bears and sweaters….. She also decorated the mantel and fireplace with nutcrackers and various chatchkees (sp?)

  8. Never, in my wildest dreams, could I imagine you having an artificial Christmas tree!

  9. LOL.. it is true that the decorations tend to cluster depending on the kids size – I have 3 different heights amongst mine – and my eldest is my height now… so my tree is actually rather evenly decorated, finally! (and yes, it is up… since the last weekend in Nov.)

  10. oh oh… in addition ( I did see below that you were on the prowl for a fiber-optic one)… we got a fiber optic tree last year… love it… so easy to set up! Well.. this tree has some fiber optic strands spread through all branches & also has white lights on it… so a nice combo – and… that the lights are pre-set on the tree cuts out the most hated part of setting a tree up.

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