Christmas Tree

December 12, 2006



  1. Yay! i like, very pretty..sigh i wanna spend Christmas with you guys =)

  2. Come on up – we would love to have you. My husband is going to Hajj so it will be just me and the kids on Christmas day. 🙂 P.S. Did you put a little tree up?

  3. WOW! wow! wow! Stinni, it is HUGE! And so beautiful! I would have thought it was real if I hadn’t been in on the process! Well done!

  4. OOOOOOOOO very pretty! I have mine up too. Will try to take pictures soon and send to you!


  5. Stinni! Your tree is GORGEOUS! It does look so real. I have to ask, did the kids help decorate? The ornaments look evenly spread out 🙂

    P.S. I LOVE the color of your walls.

  6. I was gonna say that I loved the color of your walls TOO! I have a VERY similar color on my walls (of course, we are ONE). I think mine was called “mojave desert”…….


  7. *i wish!* one day inshallah ;)…no im so bummed, i had gone to fujairah over the weekend (one of the more traditional emirates, great getaway place) and stopped at a plant nursery, so i was looking there but i couldnt find anything that could even remotely get away with being a mini tree, not even a minicactuschristmas tree lol..

  8. wonderful tree!

  9. Intlxpatr – Thank you but I think it’s the picture and lighting that make it look sort of real.

    Kerrie – Where are the pictures? I think the color is called “Yuma” or something (from ACE) and it looked much more adobe-like on the swatch.

    Angela – My daughter wasn’t really interested so my son did most of it. We let him stand on a chair to get to the top and a lot of the ornaments you see on the top were put there by yours truly. P.S. I don’t like the color! It’s too intense and doesn’t really blend in with the rest of the stuff we have in the room.

    Laila – I’ve been to Fujairah, it’s a nice little city. Keep looking, only a few more days left til Christmas!

    Ananya – Thank you. 🙂

  10. Ok, for some reason there aren’t any spaces between my comments above. Weird.

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