Fatafeat Comment

December 18, 2006

Here’s a comment from the Chairman/Managing Director of Fatafeat, Mr. Youssef El-Deeb.

Hello friends,

My Fatafeat team have been working for nine months to put together the Fatafeat channel, buy the best shows from around the world and finally getting ready for the launch.I am delighted to see some true fans of this channel and it really encourages us to offer even more passion to a great human activity: Food enjoyment.

Now then, I am happy to share with you this;

1. Fatafeat is Free To Air. It relies on advertising revenues.
2. We are launching our programing within a few days. We are aiming for a week from Monday latest. Let’s hope all the kinks to do with subtitling our programs go smoothly.

Thanks again and I look forward to your advice, comments, suggestions, …recipes?

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Youssef El-Deeb
Chairman/Managing Director
Takhayal Entertainmenrt FZ LLC

Magdi Omar
Assistant Channel Manager



  1. What are the satellite settings? Do you know?

  2. Here they are. 🙂

  3. Love love love the Iceburg template! Very cool!

  4. I thought it was appropriate, seeing as Christmas is around the corner. 🙂

  5. What a fabuolus new channel the Arabic world have, Well done. Wishing you more success and waiting for more to come.

  6. hi
    how coool
    how about Much Music ?!
    wish you the best.


  7. Much Music is from the same people, no? It’s okay. I have it set on my favorite channels. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on the launch of the new channel. I am enjoying watching it very much. However, I have one comment. There seems to be a mistake in the timings that are displayed. I live in Kuwait (i.e. same time zone as KSA) and when a certain program is due to start at 8.30 KSA, it actually starts at 11.30 KSA. I would appreciate it if you could remedy this matter.

    Also please advise how to find out the weekly schedule in advance.


  9. Thank you all for your great support and comments, we are working hard on tweeking the station and getting the best programs out there for our viewers. The station is still brand new, still a baby, so please excuse any irregularities you might see the first couple of weeks. But we promise that soon it will be even more impressive and enjoyable to watch.

    As far as the Satellite settings that Don Veto Asked about, its Nile Sat 3, polarization V, 12341 MHZ, but if you have Nile sat, usually all you’ll need to do is just do a manual search and you’ll find the Channel

    And Sahar, thank you for feedback about the wrong KSA timmings, we actually noticed that and should have that fixed today.

    As far as the weekly grid, you will be able to find the updated weekly grid and more information on our website which will be launched very soon. We’ll also love to keep hearing from you till then through this page or through our emails.

    Thank you all, and please keep us posted with your feedbacks


    Magdi Omar
    Assistant General Manager
    Fatafeat TV

  10. I love your channel!!
    it is really very good and ishallah will keep getting better and better
    still, i have 2 comments;
    1- I hate, simply hate, that tag of the ant with a male voice saying (feen el akel ya mara????), I find it offensive and kind of a bad word that is not in use to discribe wemen in most of arab countries (I know they in lebanon do use it, but still!!)..so please change it or replace with another one
    2- there is no far east food program or specialized chief that can show us the secrets of the japaness, chineas, malazian …etc food

    thank you
    hope the best for you and the channel
    I will keep in tuch isa

  11. I have found my comment, sorry to have my doubt of you!!!!!!!!

  12. where do you broadcast from?

  13. Am living in Kuwait. I love this channel immensely….am an avid fan…I wish many more people view this channel. I cant tell you I spend hours together watching Fatafeat…and wish you all best of luck, and hope you will continue successfuly airing it. Your channel is fabulous…I wonder why no one ever thought of airing a channel with food shows before.

    But I had only one tiny complaint…I dont like the black and white ads,though the concept is new..once or twice is good, but after a while it does get boring. Oh do take this as positive criticism…

    Also,I do have a request, although the Schedule is displayed in english and arabic, the advertisements which come up dont state the week day in english, only the timings are in english…i wish you would add the week day in english too.

    100 marks to your channel.

    Best of Luck

    Thanks for putting up a great show for us.


  14. Marline, thank you very much for your comments and good wish’s, and you made a really good point about displaying the days in English as well as Arabic, and we will be doing that within the next 48 hours. Thanks again for bringing our attention to this.

    If you have anymore comments or questions, please feel free to email us on: info@fatafeat.com

    Thank you


    Magdi Omar
    Assistant General Manager
    Fatafeat TV

  15. I agree with Marline about the black and white ads, but I think it will take its time and go
    dont know your action towards my comment, you dont like it, you just act as never seen it,no problem
    one thing:are you Magdi Omar the former petroleum sector company president?! I dont think so, any way

  16. Very happy for you. I wanted to wish you the best of luck.
    I have a quistion if I may please, a friend of mine is a very good cook can she make a show at fatafeat.
    Best Regards

  17. Mr. Magdi,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    Today while watching Fatafeat, I saw the update in English. You sure kept your word. Thank you very much.I sure will not miss my favorite shows.

    Plus its really good that you are putting up various advertisements.It keeps viewers hooked on.

    I really appreciate your immediate response.

    Thank you,


  18. Your channel is fabulous and attracted lots of people since it started. ‎

    My only comment is the repetition of the same program on the same day. I would like ‎also to see some other cuisines like Japanese and Chinese. ‎

    Thank you and good luck. ‎

    Howaida ‎

    ‎ ‎

  19. I love this channel! I have been living in the Gulf for about 6 months now and the channel I missed the most from home was the Food Network, especially Giadi DiLaurentis and her show Everyday Italian. Just watching Jacques Torres make chocolate is enough to satisfy my cravings! I recently discovered Fatafeat when I had to reset my satellite receiver and have been watching it almost nonstop for the past week to catch up on all of my favorite cooking shows!

  20. please please please cancel ABBAS series it is too boring too bad he cant cook so admit this fact and replace this program by something good and have we in Egypt or arabic countries (haloween)!!! why many series were diffused in ur channel celebrating haloween ?


  22. your channel is really unique,I am not finding any other channel to put other than yours.I am really enjoing doing new receipes from your channel


  23. I love fatafeat so much I spend most of my free time withe it . thank you fatafeat .

  24. I like your channel very much, are we expecting to see your channel on the hotbird sat ?

  25. My name is Ahd Omar Elmakori, i am 11 years old from libya. I would like to Thank you for this fantastic channel. Me my mum , and my sisters Shahd and Joud watch it all the time.
    Well done
    Ahd Elmakori from Libya

  26. Thank you for the fantastic programms, and well done.
    Ahd Omar Elmakori

  27. Thank you for the fantastic programms, and well done.
    Shahd Omar Elmakori

  28. Waw, its fun watching all this remarkable programms.
    keep it up, and thank you.
    Ahd Omar Elmakori

  29. Waw, its fun watching all this remarkable programms.
    keep it up, and thank you.
    Joud Omar Elmakori

  30. keep it up, and thank you.
    Ahd Omar Elmakori
    from Libya

  31. Thank you for the new ideas you giving us.
    Ahd Omar Elmakori form Libya

  32. I love the Channel! It’s on all the time in my home.
    Hate Samar…She’s annoying to men & women alike.
    Hate Emeril!!! Hate Emeril!!!
    Love Abbas… He’s charming (Is he married??)… Next time I’m in Egypt I’m going to eat @ some of the places he showed us.
    Love Giorgio Locatelli… His food is sooo appealing & u can tell he loves it.
    Sugar rush is a real rush.

    I look forward to more content as it is getting repetitive.

    Best of luck to all of you,


  33. شكرا للقيمين على هذه المحطة المميزة وبدوام الازدهار من المخرج بسام نجيم لبنان. ملاحظة: لدي فكرة برنامج مميز لشاشتكم الكريمة ولأكثر شعبية و نوعية. لمزيد من المعلومات 09613377585 شكرا

  34. ur channel is superlative and keeps my brother and me engrossed. We r food lovers and create our kind of food too. This has been our family business back in India New Delhi for over 25years now. We would like to feature someday on ur channel with our delicious Indian food creations. Hope we get a chance, u will devour on it. We promise.

    Shivani & Rajan
    9439733, 7220594

  35. I just love it and can watch it non stop if I had enough time on me. U guys r awesome. All the best to fatafeat and its team.

    Mrs. Mansour

  36. ur channel is superlative. We are food lovers and create our kind of food too. This has been our family business back in India New Delhi for over 25years now. We would like to feature someday on ur channel with our delicious Indian food creations. Hope we get a chance, u will devour on it. We promise.

    Shivani & Rajan
    9439733, 7220594

  37. This is the best channel to watch
    It is better than a Sex movie

  38. This is the best channel to watch
    It is better than an xrated movie

  39. I am an American living in Israel/Palestine. I love your channel but I wish there would be a program in English showing how to cook Arabic food. I’m returning to the states for the summer but look forward to more Farafeat when I come back in August.

  40. congratulations of a wonderful channel with a large variety of programs. my family and i love to watch it, but we find the writing strip running at the bottom of the screen very annoying and distracting. maybe there is another way of communicating with the viewers.

  41. This is the best channel ever.!! omg like very nice entertaiments


  42. im so delighted,finally i found the channel im longing for..im a housewife who really need and enjoy this kind of stuff,keep up the goodwork and all the best for fatafeat..thank you guys!!!!

  43. Your channel is fantastic, fabulous. Enjoying watching the lovely dishes being prepared.

  44. thank you very much for amazing channel keep it up

  45. Congratulations for your culinary channel

    Beautiful and original programms

    it make me in happinness because all the culinary dishes are created by chief of great quality cooking

    I am learning much dishes by Fatafeat
    Thank you for all

    Arwa Belkhodja

  46. اتمنى لقناة فتافيت الاستمرارية على ما تقدمه لمشاهديها من اجمل ما يكون من الاكلات الشهيةوخاصة بشهر رمضان المبارك اعاده الله على الجميع بالخير والبركة والسلام عبير يموت من لبنان

  47. I like the fatafeat channel very much. it gives the viewer a vast range of cooking shows. If I would be comapring with the BBC food, Fatafeat is getting to be like foodtv.com. It has more variety of programs,ie, you just added duvall show, HGTV, excellent and many more are coming. This is good for us in Middleast area to open up and see how the west is sharing their creative and renovative ideas. Thank you for making it easy for us to get renovating ideas this speed.

    I should comment about Samar’s program, she has to decide whether to speak in English or arabic. she looks like she has some shares in this channel and is implimenting her wishes, also, the other young girl, a new program, watching her with red long nails cutting the vegetables, and wondering in Maroc, this does not impress the viewer, should be carefull, kids and adults are watching, they might think cooking with long nails is the way!! (where is hygene??)

    but, all in all, the program is good.

  48. Hello, Firstly I must say that I absolutely LOVE this channel. I live in Australia and on my last visit/holiday to Egypt I almost didn’t leave the house because I wanted to keep watching!!!!
    I run an Arabic/Middle Eastern inspired catering and cooking school in Australia (www.themaxskitchen.com.au)and I love the Fatafeat concept.
    How can I get fatafeat in Australia??

  49. نشكر قناة فتافيت على برامجها المتنوعة والرائعة
    والى الامام دوماً
    السيد/ي.أ.ب الصبّاغ

  50. Please e-mail me your current satellit setting for Fatafeat prgram on Nilesat.

    Thank you very much,


  51. Deer fatafeat,actually you deserve very big hug ,thank you for all great times you gave us,go ahead and cheer us up ,why don’t try Libyan dishes, thanks.

  52. salam moi sque j ve dir c 7 chaine é extra j’adore l’emission 2 houriya je ne sors plu pr ne pa la ratté elle é superbe é c recettes sont magnefiques sauf qu’elle donne pa ls ingredients il fo a chaque foi retouré au net é c pa pratique du tout le mieux c les donner au meme temps ke l’emission

  53. فتافيت,عندما اتابع وصفاتك تنتابني حالة من التألق واشعر انني تمكنت من فن الطهي شكرا فتافيت

  54. Thank you for this wonderful channel!! It would be great to have Enlish subtitles for the Arabic programmes please. There is the most delicious Arabic dishes we would like to try, but no English translation.
    I have already learnt a lot from the chefs and I must say my cooking and baking have improved thanks to you all at Fatafeat.
    Kind Regards

  55. اطلب اغنية التي تغنيها الكتكوتة عند اعراض البايبي و اطلب اسم الصغيرة شكرا

  56. me and my sister watch fatafeat when we go and visit my dad in libya, it is my favourite channel! i think it would be good if you put english subtitles on the arabic program it would help us learn arabic.
    thank you and congratulations on the brillant channel,
    jamilla 14 england

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