Mercy by Lara Santoro

December 19, 2006

Although it won’t be published until September 2007, I’ll start some buzz on my cousin’s book Mercy. Don’t quote me, but I believe it’s about a troubled white woman who moves to Africa and through her maid learns about compassion and spirituality. The maid gets AIDS but getting medicine for AIDS is hard to impossible in impoverished Africa so the story gets into the maid’s painful journey with the disease.

Mercy, by Lara Santoro. Look for it online and in bookstores next September.



  1. The book sounds interesting but sad too.

    I like the new template here on your blog (as opposed to others where I have seen it) Nice and frosty.

  2. sounds interesting!

    I love your cousins name!

    Anyway, I shall be buying it when it comes out! Keep us tuned!

  3. Jewaira – Thanks, it’s one of two Christmas themes newly available on WordPress.

    Ananyah – My aunt was a Dr. Zhivago fan, hence the name Lara. 🙂

  4. Always looking for new reads, and would love to pick this one up when it comes out seeing that she is related (twice removed, is that how it goes?)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! My mom actually surprised me tonight with a blown up framed picture that she got from here of you and the little ones. I almost cried when I saw it because it made me realize how far away you are, and that time goes by so fast… I miss you! Give everyone hugs and kisses for me.

    Love Kerrie

  5. Oh wow. Which picture?? That was really sweet of her. Even though we’re far apart you are still very much a part of our lives. Just the other day Mishari informed me that an American woman who lives in our neighborhood (who I haven’t seen, don’t know if she even exists) looks like you. I told him that if she looks like you, then she must be very beautiful. 🙂

    Hugs and kisses for you, your daughter and your husband-to-be! Merry Christmas and here’s hoping we can see each other this summer. 🙂

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