Something Doesn’t Add Up

January 9, 2007

Ok, let me get this straight. In the Philippines, they make around $30 a month and we’re supposed to pay maids $400 a month now? Plus room and board? Why is this not making sense to me?



  1. 400$ @@

    WHAT FOR!!

    Did the prices really get that high!!

  2. No, it certainly does not add up. It’s a big racket.
    Interesting site though…insightful to say the least!!

  3. What is the significance of what they make in the Phillipines when they are in Kuwait??

  4. Aurous – I believe so, yes. That’s more than double their previous starting salary. Add on top of that room and board and the cost of a maid is way higher than $400.

    Jewaira – A racket, yes. Wait until all the other embassies say, “hold on, wait a minute…”

    MSargentina – Well, they were making $150/month in Kuwait recently. It may seem like nothing to you and I but with that money they’re able to support extended families in the Philippines. I knew a maid who worked in Kuwait for five years and was able to buy land, build a home, send her children to private school, and support her family with that salary. So I don’t understand why they want to more than double their salaries. Maids here come from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia and Ethiopia. Why should we pay $400/month for a maid from the Philippines when the rest are making $150 (plus room and board)? It makes no sense to me. Anyway – big hug to you, cousin. 🙂

  5. umm interesting point … but 58 K.D. is around $ 200 which is still way above the 30 you mentioned … honestly i don’t know why

  6. I just came across this post and cannot believe that anyone would oppose a decent salary for the servants who make their homes clean, their lives pleasant.

    Most servants work nearly 24 hours, seven days a week (even though the law requires sponsors to give them one day off) and do everything from cooking, cleaning, raising the kids to running errands and generally taking care of people too lazy to take care of themselves.

    Whatever they might earn in the Philippines, they give up their freedom, their families, their social life, heck their entire life to come to Kuwait and earn a living.

    Mesquine (sp?)…Shame on you for being so stingy.

    $400 = about KD120 per month. Most Kuwaitis and many expats spend that much in one trip to the mall or for a weekend in Bahrain. Doesn’t the person who spends her whole week, night and day, taking care of your family worth KD 120?

  7. My maids don’t take care of my family – I do. They clean. I watch my children, I do the laundry, I cook. I train them, guide them, give them breaks and days off. Sometimes they go to bed before we do. Bottom line: why would pay one maid triple the normal salary when other maids of other nationalities are getting KD45? If the maid came trained with a certificate in cleaning, passed a battery of psychological tests, was trained in first aid, hell – just knew the basics, then yes, I would consider paying her more than the usual salary. And remember: most of these women come from hell holes without a pot to piss in. I’ve had maids who rant and rave to their friends back home that they have air conditioning and a bathroom. Most maids that work for my husband’s family end up staying in Kuwait because they have it so much better here.

  8. I should mention – I don’t have a maid and haven’t had one since last year. Too many headaches.

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