House Trap

January 26, 2007

The Kuwait Real Estate Company employs cheap labor to build their residential homes. Not only cheap but unskilled, unqualified, and most likely uneducated. Their architects (at least the ones who designed their residential homes) need to go back to school or choose another profession.

The reason I haven’t been blogging lately is that a few weeks ago, all of our floor drains on the first floor burped up sewage. How could that happen you ask? Well, The Kuwait Real Estate Company hired someone so completely idiotic that he couldn’t figure out which way the sewage pipes went. Even though they had freaking ARROWS pointing to the right direction. To make a long and utterly gross story short, for the past year and a half, all of our waste has been stagnant and instead of draining out to the septic tank, has been backing up and getting clogged in the main pipe outside. We weren’t aware this was happing until it all came to fruition one day when I had been doing lots of laundry up on the third floor.

Now, the architect who designed our house decided to place a floor drain in the vanity area of off our main living room. When all of our floor drains burped, we had sewage in two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and vanity area.

It took me all day to clean it up. It wasn’t fun. I’m mad. Even though it happened weeks ago, I’m still mad. The guest bathroom still smells funky. The drain in the vanity area still stinks from time to time because it just shouldn’t be there. My father suggested I pour water with a little bleach down there about once a month just to keep things flowing.

My husband and I aren’t rich people. It’s not like we can sell this house and get another one. We have a little money to invest in a smaller place, one of the reasons behind our trip to Italy this summer. (We ended up not investing but I’m still looking via the internet.)

To make matters worse, a man with a long beard bought the house next to ours. I’m hoping he’s going to rent it out to someone else. I’m American, my husband is Shi’a, I like to play my music loudly at times. That’s three strikes against us from those who wear their religion on their faces.

If our floor drains decide to burp up human waste again, I’m going to somehow jar it all up and give the Kuwait Real Estate Company a little visit.



  1. Oh sweetie, that totally sucks. It’s like being slugged in the stomach. That smell is the pits – there seems to be some confusion among the sewage plumbers in Kuwait, because that sewer gas comes up all the pipes in lots of places. perhaps they are building too fast and not putting in gas traps, and not inspecting the things when they are under construction. . . .And none of that helps, does it, when you have put money and time and love into your house and then this happens. I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

  2. Whats thier contact information? Im sure the name isnt familiar! You need to inform the newspapers!

  3. Dear Stinni, You probably live in our neighborhood. From your description and the pictures you showed I swear you live near us in Managaf. Well I am a Kuwaiti/American. After decades in the state, I moved back to Kuwait and bought house here. I have been having lots of problems with this house and spend so much money and time trying to fix all these problems. It has not helped me much that my relative is chairman of the board of the real estate company. I have gone through lots of incompetent workers and lots of headaches.
    All I can say is play your music as loud as you can and scream form th bototms of your lungs so you can get rid of all your stress. Like your husband I come from a shi’a family so wait until after the 10th of Muharram to start your music. Take care

  4. What a nightmare!

  5. I’d be pissed too. did they fix the pipes?

  6. We had a plumber come and fix them as much as possible. We still get a stench from time to time though so I don’t think the problem is totally solved.

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