Weirdo Magnet

February 7, 2007

If there’s a crazy freak within a 20-mile radius of me, I can be certain that he will find me and make some kind of contact. I’m used to it.

Today I took the kids out to a mall and while they were busy doing their thing, this  man comes out of nowhere.

“Theirrrrr fatherrrrr, he’s Kuwaiti??”


“You. From where?”

“United States.”







And then he just walks away.

The other day a guy who works at a restaurant we were in asked me if I was Turkish. Turkish? Where did that one come from? When I was laughing about it in the car with my husband, and wondering where the guy came up with Turkish, my husband simply said, “Consider the source.”



  1. Stinni, My wife is Japanese and she gets lots of questions about where she is from. She has gotten annoyed by the Filipino workers specially at Sutlan Centers both in Mangaf and Fahahil. We have complained to Sutlan people about their workers asking those questions. My wife has learned to just not answer or walk away.

  2. A lot of people in Kuwait with foreign spouses can relate to the Camel Jock. It is perturbing when the bagging staff at Sultan Centre or any co-op for that matter, start to behave the way they sometimes do with customers – nosey and patronizing at the same time.

    Because some of the prominent merchant families in Kuwait have Indian blood in them and they therefore; appear Indian in more ways than one, usually, staff are careful not to offend such high net worth citizens by asking what part of India they are from, or for how long have they been working in Kuwait.
    It makes it easier for them to prodd inquiringly at other customers though, especially those who are Chinese, Russian and Pinoys.

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