Simple Equation

March 2, 2007

Children + Housework + Errands = No Time For Computer

So I’ve left some videos for your viewing pleasure on the right. Being true to my italophile form, guess what? Yep. All Italian videos. (With the exception of Bebe from Spain.)

Dimentica by Raf. Some songs transform me to other places. This one puts me behind the driver’s wheel, cruising the Pacific Coast Highway or the curvy hills of Monaco.

Il Mondo Nuovo by Neffa. I have a video on my phone of my children in a jungle gym outside of Mcdonalds in Napoli dancing and singing to this song. My daughter calls it the “La la song”. (?)

Malo by Bebe. This song will forever remind me of driving in and around Napoli and my son saying, “Grandma! Stop singing!” and my mother answering, “I can’t help it!”

Convivendo by Biagio Antonacci. This is a few years old but it’s catchy and I like it.

Gli ostacoli del cuore by Elisa and Ligabue. Elisa has a way of writing and singing songs which put me in an almost zombie-like state. I love singing along to her songs. Loudly.

And so now I must get back to laundry. Ho-hum.



  1. Welcome back Stinni, I was wonderin what happened to you. Take care

  2. Another food blog you might like….


    I’ve been getting lots of ideas from bakingsheet (bought nutella to make cupcakes soon!) and my Internet savvy hubby dug this site up.

    But in the meantime, like you, I’ve got laundry to do and a Little Person to bath. So I’d better quit reading recipe sites! Hope you’re not drowning in housework! Here’s wishing you self-cleaning floors and laundry piles that do not self-reproduce! 🙂

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