Khabary – Future City

April 1, 2007

There’s a whole thread on UrbanPlanet’s forum about Kuwait’s architectural boom. If you scroll just a little more than half way down, you’ll read about a proposed futuristic city:

This proposal for a futuristic self contained city, located in Fahaheel just outside of Kuwait City, incorporates just about every bit of infrastructure you could dream of, ranging from hotels, retail, and residential units, to leisure facilities, hospitals and educational establishments. The pioneering 32-storey design, which pushes the boundaries of modernism, also features an undercover walkway designed with new technology to keep temperature cool and stretches from one side of the city to the other.

Take a look at the pictures, they’re amazing! Also take a look at other projects going on in Kuwait while you’re there.

Sneak peek at the plans for Mall of Kuwait in Sabahiya and 360° Kuwait in South Surra.



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  2. sweeeeeeet….!!

  3. WOW. The architecture is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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