For the Love of a Hypermarket

May 1, 2007

When it comes to French hypermarkets, I would rather have seen Auchan come to Kuwait, but I’m not going to complain about Carrefour opening up instead of Auchan but what I will complain about is that it’s taking forever to open. I heard that it was supposed to open today, so I ran up to Shuwaikh and when it didn’t look ready, I asked one of the many security guards in the underground parking area about Carrefour and he told me that it will open NEXT MONTH. Next month?! Whatever.

Since I was already in Shuwaikh, I decided to give Lulu Hypermarket another shot. We went there a while back and had to leave immediately due to the overwhelming stench of body odor, or kheyas as my husband calls it. Never go there on the weekend.

Lulu is huge. It has a lot of products you find in Sultan Center but they seem to be cheaper. They have a lot of products I haven’t seen in Kuwait before: Cif (instead of Jif), original European detergents (not made in Saudi Arabia) and generic European cleaning products. They had fresh mozzarella from Italy which I bought (natch) and will check tonight for freshness. There’s a huge bakery. I saw Breyers ice cream, American frozen products (waffles, chicken, etc.) and American cold cuts.

I wish I could give a better description but I only had a short amount of time to breeze through it and I spent most of my time in the cleaning products aisle. All in all, it was a pleasant shopping experience. Now all I hope for is a hypermarket in my area. (A co-op, paved streets, parks, and street lights would be nice too.)



  1. “and had to leave immediately due to the overwhelming stench of body odor”, haha…lol 😀 I remembered the day we went there and we left immediately also due to the same reason you had mentioned! 😀

  2. Morning, Stinni!
    I loved the LuLu in Doha and Oman; did you get a look at their take-out section? Do they have their own in-house bakery? I would shop the LuLu for basics – flour, sugar, etc. and for appliances and . . . oddities, things I knew family and friends might like as gifts. And my houseguests always LOVED the LuLu!

    How are things with the sewer gas?

  3. rieaane – I swear, one person nearly burned my nose hairs he smelled THAT BADLY.

    intlxpatr – They have a huge bakery, they have hot ready-to-serve food, a salad bar, you name it! The sewer, well, it came up again but not nearly as bad as the first time. My husband said this time it was due to the children throwing Kleenex into the toilet but I don’t know….

  4. Hi Stinni,
    My wife and I went to Lulu a couple of months ago , we got in the shop but had to leave immediately not only because of the stink but also because it was so crowded. So we never saw any products. We have to give Lulu another shot, because my wife hates cleaning and any other bathroom products that are made in Saudi.
    Speaking of the house sewer smell, it we usually get it when it is very windy outside under some conditions. I have been working on keeping our neighborhood clean and also the other areas in Mangaf. Today I had an engineer from Public Works Ministry meet me so they can put temporary asphalt in our street and other surrounding streets. We just had another couple move in three doors away. He is Kuwait and she is American/British.

  5. Wow. I will have to check that place out. I’ve not been very good about venturing out of my little area. But I despise, hate, and loathe the Sultan Center b/c they are soooo freaking expensive.

    Where in Shuwaikh is this place? 🙂

  6. Camel Jockey – In order to avoid major B.O. and crowds, you have to go to Lulu during the morning hours on a work week. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of spending loads of money at Sultan Center and I don’t see any plans for a decent co-op in our area. Having said that, I still frequent the Sultan Centers because it’s the only place I can find the flour I use.

    Re the cleaners, I’m not sure where Clorox Cleanup is made, but that’s what I use in the bathroom and on my floors. I add some liquid fabric softener to make it smell better. For great cleaners, Sultan Center is the place to go and also ACE Hardware in Shuwaikh.

    Keep up the hard work on getting this place clean and getting us some streets. I think you should start a blog called “Mangaf, Block 1”. 🙂

    Texan in Kuwait – Lulu is in Shuwaikh, off of 4th Ring Road, next to the plant souks. I agree with you on Sultan Center being expensive, it’s time they had some competition.

  7. “Kheyas” they tell me is typically Egyptian in derivation. The fouler skatole like variety, however, is homebred in the northern tribal areas of Kuwait – Al Jahra is one that comes easily to mind.

    Will Carrefour be coming to Kuwait under the MAF banner or someone else’s?

  8. Sweetie, kheyas follows you wherever you may find yourself on the weekend in Kuwait. Typically, Egyptian in derivation the fouler skatole like variety is homebred with a lion’s share contributed by the tribal belt in Kuwait.

  9. Sweetie, kheyas follows you wherever you may find yourself over the weekend: the Burj Al Arab or Harrods Food Hall is no exception.

  10. You’re weird.

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