May 26, 2007

That’s how much I spent at Carrefour on the first day of its opening. I got a total of 46 items. I kept the receipt and so this is a list of things I bought. (CRF = Carrefour brand, N1 = No. One brand)

CRF Powdered laundry detergent – the biggest box available
CRF Dishwashing liquid – 1 liter
N1 Fabric Softener – biggest jug available
N1 Liquid laundry detergent
Soft Scrub Gel with bleach
2 Small boxes of N1 powdered detergent
2 Toys for my parrots
2 CRF Kids shower gel
N1 Shower gel
CRF Shampoo
Large box of parrot food with dried fruits
CRF Spray deodorant
CRF Instant coffee
CRF Mixed fruit juice
¼ kilo Salami
Areen Orange Juice
Baguette (short and fat one, great with pasta)
Bag of mini rolls
Hardcover cookbook
4 CRF grocery sacks
Bag of baguette rolls
Pita bread
Sandwich bread
Pandesal x5
2 Croissants
Danao Actimel – 4
2 cans of crushed tomatoes
2 LatBri fresh mozzarella
Iceberg lettuce
Puck shredded mozzarella
Fermipan yeast – 3 x 11 gram packets
Gloria Vanderbilt capri pants
Capri-length sweatpants

Since I usually have to hand over KD20 for a pair of pants and the pants I bought yesterday at Carrefour are actually better in quality compared to the pricier pants in my closet, I’d say for that fact alone: Carrefour rocks.

[Edited to say that if you’re looking for American products, you’ll probably be disappointed. Most of their products are European and local. For me, it’s perfect but for other Americans, it was sort of a disappointment in that area. Everyone I talked to was in awe of the produce department though. For American and British products – Sultan Center and Lulu are the places to go.]



  1. Was it very busy and full of people? Or can you browse as you please and take all the time you want?

  2. I’ve been twice: on the day it first opened and last weekend and it actually wasn’t that bad. The store is so huge and aisles are nice and wide so that even when it’s crowded, you don’t feel cramped. Having said that, the bakery section tends to be crowded. There are so many cashiers that we never had to wait in line and there are plenty of carriages so that’s not a problem. Some of the carriages have minds of their own though – mine kept wanting to go right while I was pushing straight ahead.

  3. Hey Stinni,
    This looks promising. I hated the detergent that I had to use in KW last time I was there, so I hope that their brands are closer to what I like. Also, the diapers from Saudi are like putting your child’s bottom in a cardboard box! I hope they have better now. 🙂 I tried to email you a while back…did u get it?
    P.S. Did you read 2:48am’s post about Carrefour? Seems he is a TSC guy.

  4. Oh wow!

    I’m going to have to check it out this weekend. I’ve been meaning to go check out The Avenues anyway.

  5. carrefour sells clothes ? hmm
    I went there .. Didnt like it .. Tooo huge!!

  6. Carly – The best detergent available locally is Persil. It’ by Henkel, a German company but made in Saudi. For me, I’ll take generic French detergents over Saudi made American ones any day. Same goes for fabric softener. Re the diapers – Pampers are made either in Saudi or Eastern Europe. They’re alright I suppose. You can also find Huggies everywhere now too. I never check my blog email but will tonight. 🙂

    Texan in Kuwait – Let me know what you think.

    Fayoora – Too Huge = Lots of time for me to poke around and get away from the house. 🙂

  7. We have been there several times and DON”T buy the oatmeal! We got 10 cans because we eat it every morning and I had put it in the bowl with the milk the night before to help the chaos in the morning and there were dozens of bugs in it! They took it back with no problem and were very nice about it. The bleach is also a problem, it’s good but the lids are either broken already in the store or they will break if they fall in the trunk, which ours did, in my car, what a pain. The chocolate chips, powdered sugar and bananas are the cheapest I have ever seen here.

  8. Gail – Are you sure the bugs were in the cans? You said you put it in bowls with milk.. I bought the Carrefour bleach (eucalyptus scent) and the lids are childproof which I thought was a great idea. I love the scent of the Carrefour glass cleaner and it works great too. Lulu has a nice bathroom cleaner, by Heritage. Sorry, I could go on and on about cleaning products. 🙂

  9. I’m not in Kuwait right now but I’m moving back in August and have been looking forward to Carrefour for three main reasons: bread, cheese, and salami! You mention all three in your list, so…how were they? 🙂

    Sultan sometimes has good cheese but it fluctuates so radically that it is annoying. And I hate the deli meats in Sultan. I have always wanted Kuwait to have somewhere that brings good salami, bresaola, etc. The salami will always be hard without pork but still. I’d be curious to hear your verdict on that with regard to Carrefour!

  10. YES! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! and they told us a guy had brought back cans of oatmeal the night before for the same reason, BUT they didnt take them off the shelves until We brought ours back. I am glad I had put the oatmeal in the milk the night before because we might not of seen the bugs if we cooked and ate it right away, the fridge probably killed them and they came up to the top. There were several still in the can with the rest of the oatmeal.

  11. I thought carrefour was decent, not as good as sultan center though!! but the prices i would have to say is CHEAP!! 750 for fresh pasta, and 1.750 for a tray with 3 sirloin steaks (Australian). Overall its good for those monthly grocery trips.

    P.S. They have killer croissants and baguettes.

  12. Kleio – Sorry for the delay. The best salami I’ve had in Kuwait came from TSC. It costs around KD8/kilo. They don’t always have it and the last few times I bought it wasn’t that great so it’s a gamble to buy it. Ask to smell it first – they might think you’re crazy but I bought some once it was obviously expired or something because it had a weird smell. The last time I bought it, it had no taste. The Carrefour salami was soft but average. I’ll have to try it again. 🙂 The Italian cheeses I’ve bought from Carrefour and Lulu were fresh and I haven’t had problems with them yet. There have been plenty of times that I bought ricotta and fresh mozzarella at TSC and they were rotten. (Ricotta actually had green mold growing on it.) Carrefour obviously has a good variety of French cheeses.

    Equalizer – Yes, the croissants are good and my son says that the donuts taste like “graffa” (Italian donuts from Napoli) which is GOOD THING. 🙂 Love the baguettes.

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