Hot Weather, Hot Guys

June 18, 2007

I went mainstream in my video picks for some cutie patooties. What can I say? I appreciate good art.

Chris Daughtry – I once referred to him as “that little hottie on American Idol who has that Vin Diesel look going on.” My husband wasn’t impressed with that statement.

Craig David & Sting – Someone got into my brain and pulled out my two favorite types of men. The bad boy smooth operator and the sophisticated snooty intelligent Brit and put them in the same video. God bless you whoever you are.

Nek – Italian. You knew there was going to be at least one on my list. For the other one, go to my vodpod page and check out Alessandro Safina.

Adam Rodriguez – You didn’t think I was talking about horse-faced Lionel Richie, right? No, no, no. Adam Rodriguez (a.k.a. Eric Delco from CSI Miami) reminds me of my husband when he was young and bold enough to shave off his moustache for one summer. I beg him to do it every year but he refuses. It’s a macho man thing.

Robbie Williams – Sometimes he looks like a smelly criminal, and at other times, like this video, he looks oh so nice.



  1. Chris Daughtry IS a hottie! Oh, and of COUSE Sting will always be!

  2. Trudy Styler is one lucky bitch. And doesn’t Chris Daughtry look like the typical guy that would be present at one of our family get-togethers? Speaking of get-togethers – I heard there was Karaoke yesterday!! I want details and I want it while I’m there! 🙂

  3. italian’s are hot !
    Adam Rodriguez– yummy !

  4. Heya,
    Ok first of all, you’ve got great taste Stinni. Daughtry is hot! Never knew he was on American Idol, nor that his first name was Chris. Second of all, Hey there. Third, that vod-pod thing you’ve added on to your blog is pretty nifty. Take care, yeah? Laters!

  5. Peony – I’m glad someone else thinks Adam Rodgriguez is hot! 🙂

    Drunk_n_Gorgeous – Usually my taste in men gets made fun of by my friends because I don’t like the typical good looking types i.e. Brad Pitt (gross, yuck, smelly). Vodpod IS cool, check it out for your site. 🙂

  6. YES!!! We DID do karaoke! So fun. I absolutely cannot WAIT for you guys to get here, and we will definitely do some karaoke!!!

  7. Oh…and bye the way…I only have 3 words that pertain to your taste in men…and they are “THE CAPTAIN’S LOG” LOL

  8. Oh. My. God.

    You know what? I went into the guest room this afternoon to clean up the mess my children made – they got into a box full of pictures and old letters/cards. I found a card you sent me when I was in college and in the card you put a cut-out picture of Patrick Stewart. No lie!

    *Twilight Zone Music*

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