Cape Cod Summer

July 9, 2007

Cape CodThere really is nothing better than summertime on the Cape. We arrived via London on Wednesday night. We were lucky because Heathrow was basically shut down on Tuesday and all flights to Boston were canceled on Thursday due to a “suspicious package”. Security was tight but we had no problems. We spent the night in Boston because there was no way I was going to ask my parents to make the trek from the Cape to Boston on the 4th of July. The next afternoon my parents met us with two cars because we (I) had so much luggage. We had so much luggage that our driver to the hotel asked if we were moving to Boston. My husband said, “No, that’s my wife. She packs like that every trip.”

My children are in their element here. They’re enjoying their grandparents, playing miniature golf, swimming, and family get-togethers. They’re having a blast just taking walks around my parent’s neighborhood, picking flowers, breathing fresh air, and playing with their cousins. They LOVE Toys’R’Us and Cape Cod Mall. They love Papa Gino’s pizza and Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. There’s no dust and no cabin fever.

Cape CodMama (that would be me) is enjoying Barnes & Noble, Marshalls, Borders, wireless internet connection, birds singing in the trees, TiVo, clean crisp air, the greenery – my God, the greenery: enormous old trees, the smell of freshly cut grass, manicured lawns – but most of all: friendliness. People here are so friendly that I’m taken aback a bit. I’ve had the door held open for me at every single place I’ve been to. I’ve had strangers start pleasant conversations with me. I love going out with no makeup, hair up in a clip, wearing comfortable clothes and being surrounded by people who look just as relaxed as I am. There’s not a lot of pretentiousness here. It’s so relaxing and peaceful. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to coax my children into going back to Kuwait come August.



  1. Wow! So you made it back to the States! You picked the perfect time to return. This seems to be the greenest that New England has been in ages. I hope you have a really nice, relaxing few weeks back home.

  2. I can’t WAIT to see all of you this weekend!

  3. Hey Stinni,
    I hope yall have a great time at the Cape. I guess I’ll be vacationing in Mangaf! Yeah… Anyway, soak up the green and bring some back. πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Angela – Sometimes I feel like I’m in the middle of the rain forest it’s so green! Plus the birds are in full force – chirping away. Thanks for the kind words.

    Kerrie – Me too! We’ll be in karaoke heaven. πŸ˜‰

    Carly – You can easily grow some of those trees (kela or kuna karpis) for greenery. Bougainvilleas are great too. But what I really want to say is run back home! Heehee. My children are SO loving it here. How old are your children by the way?

  5. Hey Stinni,
    I have a 12 year old daughter, a 9 year old son…and a 5mos old son. πŸ™‚ How about yours?

  6. My son is 5 and daughter is 2. You have a 5-month old and you have time to blog?! Brava! πŸ™‚

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