Family Time

July 11, 2007

We moved to our rental home yesterday. It’s only five minutes away from my parent’s house. It’s a cute house; a typical Cape Cod home and very basic. We were really spoiled at Gramma and Papa’s home. Two high-speed computers in my parent’s office plus wireless connection on our own laptop which we brought with us. Satellite TV, TiVo, toys galore, books galore, steps from the lake, multiple television sets (including a flat screen in the kitchen), DVD players, and my father’s computer’s speakers are better than our stereo back in Kuwait. He must have a sub-woofer or something because the bass totally rocked.

We decided to rent a house this year because there’s four of us now and my children are, well, how do I say this? Very hyper. Destructive at times. Plus I expect a few visits from cousins and well, how do I say this? We can get wild and my parents are both busy and work hard. My cousin Kerrie (same soul, different bodies) is coming down this weekend and we do nothing but laugh and sing. We get raunchy and immature. We still make prank phone calls.

One of my paternal aunts passed away before our arrival and will be buried tomorrow. It’s going to be hard. I loved her so much and was looking forward to seeing her this summer. She was the type of aunt every little girl wishes she had. Impeccable taste in everything, fast cars, single, opinionated and held nothing back in terms of saying what was on her mind. She was beautiful, inside and out.

After the burial, we’ll congregate at a cousin’s house and so that is something I’m looking forward to. I was actually friends with one of my cousins before I knew we were related. We used to walk to elementary school together and one day she asked me if my grandmother’s name was Virginia. When I said yes, she told me we were second cousins. A few years back it happened again when two of my cousins (one first, one second) were working at Nokia. I love coming from a small State.

I’m being called inside to deal with the children who are restless and want to get out and have some fun. Ciao for now.



  1. Raunchy? Immature? I resemble those remarks!

    ” I’d like to speak to FATT MAMOLARE!!!!”

    On a serious note (and even though I am sure I will be talking to you before then), I will be thinking about you and your family tomorrow. I bet your Dad is really glad that all of you are going to be there with him.

    Love Kerrie

  2. “Shut up, Sheila, or I’ll knock your knees together like this.” *THWAMP*

    Repitious (sp?) humor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, Kerrie. I’ll always be grateful for the laughs you gave me during that tough week for me in Kuwait.

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