Summer Video Picks

July 12, 2007

In anticipation of the upcoming Stinni & Kerrie Weekend Fest, I chose the first two songs. The next two are my favorite summer jams. The last song you can read about below.

New Edition – Can You Stand the Rain. The ORIGINAL Boston Boy Band. We always sing this song; even when I’m in Kuwait and she’s in the States, we call each other and sing this one. We make my husband watch us sing this song. I always sing Johnny Gill’s part while Kerrie gets the better Ralph Tresvant part. Yes, I just pulled both of those names out of my head. I need help.

Benny Mardones – Into the Night. Another one we sing all the time. We actually got up and sang this one at a bar on karaoke night many years ago. What can I say? We’re geeks at heart.

Will Smith – Summertime. This one gets me in a summer mood every year. Thoughts of firing up the grill and just hanging out with family in the backyard go through my head every time I hear this one.

Jamiroquai – Seven Days in Sunny June. Ok, so it’s July. Same effect though.

Deon Estus – Heaven Help Me. When this song came out in the 80s, Kerrie and I changed the word “heaven” to my brother’s name “Kevin” and teased him until he got super-aggravated. We STILL do it. (In fact, she just e-mailed me the lyrics but changed every single heaven with Kevin.) We both need serious help.



  1. ” Cause I neeeeeeeeed sombody who will stand by meeeeeeeee”

  2. How come you always get the cool Ralph Tresvant part?!

  3. Because YOU always had the lower voice! I’ll tell you what…when I come this weekend, and we are performing a concert…I will graciously bow out of the Ralph Tresvant part and let YOU do it (just this ONE time though….) – LOL!

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