Datalounge Style

July 14, 2007

Cool breezes while I’m sitting typing this on the deck. Cool breezes through our windows at night. PBS. Went for a paddle boat ride this afternoon. WalMart a few days ago; notebooks for ten cents each. No dust. No high temperatures. No dusting every hour. No sayeedi construction workers drooling while I’m watering the garden. Pine trees. Rustling of leaves. Birds, even hummingbirds visit us. REAL pizza. Had a gyro and Greek salad for lunch today. Plentiful, organized parking. Not wearing any makeup and not having to worry about what I wear when I go out. I can totally kick it relaxed and comfortable style. People know how to respect a line. Barnes & Noble. Borders. Marshalls. Filene’s Basement. Total strangers wave and say hello, with a smile.

Jealous, bitches?



  1. I’m in need of fresh air ..

  2. A typical American, thinking the whole world needs to be like the states, no social or cultural heritage. No respect for other countries. It’s not required to dress up full of makeup in Kuwait. Islamic countries, they don’t wave and say HIIIIIIII (think of Monica Lewinski)) Who are these jealous bitches? get some class. Stay in your trailor park.

  3. Pearls – My niece told me that the weather in Kuwait is terrible right now. I feel for you..

    Donna/troll – Let me break it down for you in simple sentences.

    A typical American, thinking the whole world needs to be like the states

    Uh, no. I’ve written extensively on the positive sides of living in Kuwait. Nowhere in the post does it say that Kuwait should have anything we have in the States. It doesn’t say that Kuwait should BE like the States. I appreciate the difference.

    no social or cultural heritage

    Maybe where you come from there’s no cultural heritage but up in here in the Northeast, we’re brimming with heritage and culture.

    No respect for other countries.

    Are you talking politics or regular every-day people? I don’t know about your social circles, but mine are filled with educated people who respect people no matter where they come from. The only exception would be ignorant, angry women like yourself. No respect for you, sweetie.

    Itโ€™s not required to dress up full of makeup in Kuwait.

    Do you actually leave your house at all? Something tells me you don’t.

    Islamic countries, they donโ€™t wave and say HIIIIIIII

    Really? You mean nobody wishes you a “salam” every time you enter a store?

    (think of Monica Lewinski))


    Who are these jealous bitches?

    Learn how to read. The title of the post is “Datalounge style”. The “Jealous, bitches?” at the end is in DATALOUNGE STYLE and was meant for people who know me, not trolls like yourself.

    get some class.

    I have plenty of class. So much in fact, that I can give some to you if you’d like.

    Stay in your trailor park.

    Learn how to spell. And by the way, my father owns his own company and my mother is president and CEO of said company. We live in a neighborhood where people have second and third homes in the States and abroad. They drive luxury cars. And yes, they wave and say hello with a big smile and are not bitchy and petty like yourself. They say it because they WANT to, not because it’s expected of them.

    Now go crawl under the rock from whence you came.

  4. Yikes! It’s gettin’ hot in here. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love MA. Even though I am a southerner born and raised, my adopted home is the NE. My husband and I spent a semi-honeymoon in Nantucket. Anyway, should I grab school supplies before we head out next week? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  5. Reading your posts about being back ‘home’ makes me really homesick. I wish we could afford to fly for a visit this year but the airline taxes up the cost of a fare by around 100% and plus for us, it’s basically 2 days travel each way (9 hr flight plus an 8 hr drive). I wish I was from Toronto or something just cuz it would be so much easier to travel!

    But, I hope you guys make some wonderful summer memories and just revel in being in familiar shops and eating your favorite food and being with those who love and support you. Try to get some rest (and take advantage of having your folks around to babysit while you and your hubby get in some hot dates!!!)

  6. Carla – Thanks for the kind words. It cost us an arm and leg to get here but it was definitely worth it. If for nothing else, the grandparents and grandchildren get to spend time with each other. It’s a long trip and very exhausting, especially on the children. It took us about 6-1/2 hours to London, then nearly 7 to Boston. We’ve done the non-stop from Kuwait to NYC but it’s not something I recommend if you’re flying with children. If only there was a way to magically teleport ourselves a la Star Trek! ๐Ÿ™‚

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