Only In Italy

July 25, 2007

While looking at property for sale in Italy, I came across something funny. Follow this link, then scroll down to the fourth picture. What the hell is that? A blow up doll? A statue? Whatever it is, it isn’t what you expect in a rustic (in need of major renovation) Tuscan apartment.

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  1. Oh god….too funny!

  2. Jackie would never laugh at something so vulgar.

  3. haven’t you heard? paris hilton is vacationing in italy :]

  4. Jackie would NEVER admit to even knowing what a blow up doll is…..

  5. snookie – HAHA! You should see her doing commercials in Italian for a cellular company in Italy. She has the worst accent I’ve ever heard. I will have to find the video for you on youtube and then post the link.

    Kerrie – Jackie would NEVER read this blog, that’s for damn sure. (Which, is, like, kind of impossible…)

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