Mercy by Lara Santoro

August 31, 2007

My cousin’s book was mentioned on page 248 of the September issue of O magazine. I’m hoping that Oprah reads the book and has Lara on her show.

“Africa–anguished, impoverished, monstrously beautiful–takes the measure of every novelist daring enough to confront its mysteries. Lara Santoro’s Mercy (Other Press) swirls around a self-immolating Italian-born journalist named Anna, the two wildly attractive men she attracts and deflects, and her self-appointed housekeeper, a force of nature named Mercy. The urgent message of this gorgeously written novel, which deals head-on with the ravages of AIDS on a continent of grief: Open your eyes and look hard.”

I’ve written several posts about Lara’s book, all linking to Amazon so I should point out now that I receive no money in exchange for hits, clicks, what have you. I mention her book on my blog because I’m extremely proud of her and for no other reason.



  1. you should be proud 🙂

  2. I’m wondering if your cousin is (a) about 40 and (b) attended an international school in Europe and from that attended the Model UN in The Hague in 1985, where I remember meeting Lara Santoro.

    Cambridge Ma.

  3. eshda3wa – Very proud, yes. 🙂

    ew – Yes, same person. I’ll forward your comment on to Lara.

  4. You should be proud and I hope that Oprah reads Mercy and Lara gets asked to be on Oprah’s show.

    a friend of the santoro’s

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