September 4, 2007

Today I feel like this:


Who am I kidding? I feel like that on most days.

I remember seeing a sloth or two in Caracas many moons ago. There was one in a park, trying to climb a statue, most likely of Simón Bolivar. It was weird seeing one in the middle of the city. You wonder how a sloth, as slow as they are, made it past highways and busy city streets. Just an FYI but the Spanish word for sloth is perezoso which literally translates into: lazy.

Next lifetime, I’m hoping I come back as a sloth so I can just lounge in trees and nibble on fruit all day long. Sounds ideal.

[There’s a whole website dedicated to pictures of sloths.]



  1. Lool this animal cracks me up. walla law ashoof wa7id jedami i would shoot him, a7iss yabi Edoos bes he cant, sob7ana allah…

    Why on earth would you want to be that LAZY!?

  2. 🙂 Sloth Stinni! Choose something that looks cute at least 😛 – Panda for instance!

  3. Hey now, I think sloths are pretty cute in their own weird way. :p

  4. Blue dress – You would shoot it? Awwww, poor sloth. I want to be that lazy because these days it seems like I have no down time so you know what they say about the grass on the other side.. 🙂

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