Two Shocking Things

September 30, 2007

One seen, one heard.

Seen: A guy wearing disdasha and a Marlboro-style gutra, sitting with a friend in the food court in Al Kout Mall, smoking. In broad daylight. Now, I don’t totally agree with the law about not eating/drinking/smoking in public during Ramadan. But it’s the law, nonetheless, and so people have to respect it, right? Mall security ignored him. I wonder if smoking in public is worth spending the remainder of Ramadan in jail.

Heard: My friend’s boyfriend (American) called a Chinese restaurant in Fintas last night. When he was through placing his order, the woman taking his order asked if he wanted anything else. When he told her he was finished ordering, she said, “You want girl?” He didn’t know if he heard her right and so she repeated it – “You want girl?”. He declined. Then she personally showed up at the apartment to drop the food off. When my friend’s boyfriend opened the door, the delivery “woman” followed him into his bedroom where he went to get the money to pay for the food. He walked back to the door, woman in tow, and as she was about to leave, she grabbed his hand and in it placed a piece of paper with her name and number on it. My friend was sitting on the couch the whole time. My friend tells me that these types of women leave at least ten post-it notes on all of the doors in the apartment building, with their numbers and things scribbled on them like “Massage”. They walk by the apartment building non-stop, in search of customers. I knew there were various prostitution rings in Fintas, but had no idea that one of them was being run out of a Chinese restaurant.

P.S. The last story reminds me of a few months ago, when driving through the Mangaf Sultan Center’s parking lot, I saw a Chinese prostitute in a mini skirt and knee length boots, searching for a customer. In was the afternoon and I had both kids in the car with me. Evidently, it’s a hot spot because my husband saw one there as well. At least it was nighttime though.



  1. @@

    I really didnt know!
    Damn it!

  2. How disgusting that is!!!! Call girls via orders!!

    As for the dimwit smoking in public, I wonder how the security guys ignored him!

  3. So,being half a world away at the moment, I’m now
    thinking I am very grateful my man prefers pizza and stays at home like a good boy.

  4. Disgusting, If he couldn’t keep away from his daily cigarette, what was he doing in the mall? Smoke in you own room???

    About the 2nd story. I ant believe about an incident that happened in the same old Kuwait that I live in…

  5. What is a Marlboro-style gutra?

  6. intlxpatr – It’s a red and white checkered gutra, the same color scheme as a regular pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

  7. Hey, maybe they could run a whole different kind of Marlboro Man campaign here…nah, they have enough customers already. 🙂

  8. What totally cracks me up about this post, Stinni (and here I am still thinking about it weeks later) is the law passed this year about women not working after 8 at night, and then refined with all the exceptions. Like the whole point was to keep “working gals” from working the streets – but isn’t that already illegal?

    So they had to make exceptions, a whole lot of exceptions, for healthcare workers, ministerial workers, shopgirls, restaurant workers – so like everyone gets the exception except the prostitutes, who are already illegal anyway!

    It’s just bizarre world. And the gals parading up and down are pathetic and sad and desperate.

  9. Al Koot is a favorite spot for chinese girls usually late in afternoon. They target Americans and hand out phone numbers left and right. They sometimes have as many as 15 guys before the day is finished. Passing themselves off as your girlfriend, they establish a “relationship” with you and get their money that way. The common theme is restraunts. They work at one and have to go when they are finished with you. That way they don’t actually get to know you that well and they can move on to the next client. They always say they don’t speak Engsaylish very good, but they understand and converse just fine during small talk. Ask them a personal question and they all say they don’t speak English very good. I’ve heard the record is 30 guys in one day. Interesting. How would you like to be number 30? My advice is to stay away from them. They are passing STD’s and remember that Kuwait is not immune to AIDS. Be advised, be careful and be protected if you do go for it. Even then there is no guarantee you won’t pick up something. These are women that don’t practice safe sex since that adds to the “girlfriend” theme. Gives you a sense that you’re their boyfriend and not having sex with anyone else. In fact they will tell you that. They are seasoned liars, it goes with the profession. Be very careful. If you get a phone number…pitch it in front of them. They’ll get the message that you know all about them. Steer Clear if you’re smart. There are plenty of good girls in Kuwait to make girlfriends with. Watch some philipinos too, they are adopting the same senerio as the chinese.

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