School Rant, #1

October 17, 2007

About a month into school, my husband and I were wondering why my son Mishari wasn’t bringing any books home. We knew that he was supposed to get books, we paid KD45 as part of his tuition for them. My husband fired off an e-mail to school a few weeks ago, asking where Mishari’s books were, i.e. Arabic and Islamic Studies. We knew he was in the “support” class for Arabic and we figured he was in the “support” class because he doesn’t know a whole lot of Arabic as his primary language is English.

A few minutes after sending the e-mail, the head of the primary department called my husband and started saying that they didn’t have books in the Arabic “support” class. When my husband asked why our son wasn’t in the regular Arabic class, the teacher/head of department started telling my husband how he would have to get permission for a transfer into the Arabic class for Kuwaiti students. My husband was like, what? I’m Kuwaiti… to which she replied, “Ohhhhh, WE DIDN’T KNOW MISHARI WAS KUWAITI!”


I mean, really.


And even if they couldn’t be bothered with reading his file, you can tell by his last name.

So now my son is a month behind in both Arabic and Islamic Studies. Both classes would have been hard for him from the first day but now he’s a month behind everyone else.

I hate my son’s school but he loves it, has been there since KG, is now in Year 1 (1st Grade) and has friends there. Shisoway?



  1. because he is so young, he will quickly adjust anywhere u place him!
    shal school ele doesnt know the nationality of kids they place in classes!
    the fact that no one bothered to look is ridiculous!

    his education comes first

  2. Hmm… If it’s possible for you take him to another school even if he’s late & backing up from other kids – he’ll adjust as Eshda3wa said..

    Bs if you don’t like it, just change schools

  3. Stinni, thank God YOU are paying attention. He might have sat there all year with no book! A parent paying attention makes all the difference, all through school. And you and your husband can supplement the school – honestly, it’s almost a requirement these days.

  4. Yeah true.. Good thing that you were paying attention. Its better late than never. I hope he can catch up really fast. He is young and still can do that so dont worry. What was the school reaction to that?

  5. What school is this? I think many schools are getting below average these days. BTW where are your recipes ?

  6. eshda3wa & chikapappi – My friends tell me the same thing. He will probably adjust at this age if we switch him to another school.

    intlxpatr – My son is gifted (in many ways) and what we haven’t been able to find in the private schools is an accelerated program for such students. The government school system has an after-school session three times a week for gifted students though. I do as much as possible with him at home but I’m stretched thin as it is. I talked to the head of the department about his reading/writing ability and how the reading material is way too easy for him but they haven’t done anything so far. I’ll probably list this as my School Rant #2.

    Ansam – The school reaction was a giggle from the head of the department. She obviously thought it was funny. We weren’t amused though.

    Equalizer – For privacy and legal reasons, I can’t really say. It’s a private British school. I’ll get back to my recipes soon but the more important question is – where are YOURS?! 🙂

  7. P.S. I said “legal” issues because I once worked for a private American school in Kuwait and they LOVED trying to sue former employers for slander – although everything the former employers were saying was true… I’d hate to name the school, they find out and then take it out on my son. Know what I mean?

  8. there is a school in Hawalli called Anglo Arab Academy , next to Alnugra complex , they teach in a good way and take care of the slow students in any subject.
    you may call them if you want any info.
    2639681 .

  9. Take your son to NES,KES,BSK while u still have a chance DONT CHOOSE anglo …… IT is a bad school. TRUST ME.

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