School Rant: #2, #3

October 21, 2007

#2: When I picked my son up from school on Thursday, he told me there was a cockroach in the classroom and that the maid killed it WITH HER HAND. Well isn’t that special?

#3: The same maid, according to my son, has a habit of TAPING UP CHILDREN’ MOUTHS when they’re being loud and obnoxious. Well isn’t that extra special?

Kuwait passed a law recently that requires all teaching assistants to be Kuwaiti. Now, I’ve never seen an assistant in my son’s school with the exception of KG – there was one and she floated from class to class. How can you cram 26+ children into one classroom without an assistant? How can ONE teacher handle THAT MANY students? They can’t. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Apparently, my son’s school assigns a maid to each Reception and 1st Year classroom to help out. In other words, they’re too cheap to hire foreign assistants, nevermind Kuwaitis, and so they hire old sour maids who scream at both students and parents*, kill roaches with their hands and tape up kids’ mouths.

*I showed up early one day to pick my son up from school. It was 50 degrees outside so I went inside and stood next to an Egyptian parent who was also waiting for her son. The maid from her son’s classroom came out and screamed at her, “No parents allowed in the hallway! Go! Go to the waiting room! You cannot stand here!” She screamed at her as if she was a child. I was embarrassed FOR her.



  1. I’ve never ever heard of sth like this before, did you mention it to the teachers before? Why don’t you change schools?

    Btw, can you e-mail me the name of that school too so I’d avoid taking my son there?

  2. Holly god! WTH! there ain’t nothin’ special about that school 😛 – take ur kid out!!!!!

  3. Pearls – My son just told me about the tape incidences tonight over dinner. For the past week, he’s been saying, “If you don’t stop, I’ll put tape on your mouth” whenever he got mad at any of us. We asked him tonight where he picked that line up from and we were shocked to hear his answer. BTW, my son went to BloomingDales in Dasma for nursery and it was a fantastic nursery program, the only problem we had was that he was sick constantly which is to be expected when they first start school.

    chikaP – I would love to but I think we’ll have to wait until next semester or year. For now all I can do is complain here on the blog and in real life with school officials.

  4. BTW I should mention that I’ve seen an old Indian maid tape up a child’s mouth in another school – a private American school, in the KG department. The teacher flipped out when she saw what the maid did and removed the tape immediately but still…

  5. I didn’t expect private schools to be that bad, are we better off taking our kids to public schools?

  6. Pearls – My husband would say yes at this point.

    I have hope though. A friend of mine works for a school named Al Jial (sp?) and she says it’s a fantastic school with qualified staff. So maybe there are some good schools out there…

  7. I know your son loves his school, and that is worth something, too, but Stinni, these stories are truly awful. Yelling at a parent waiting in the hallway. . . taping children’s mouths – it’s AWFUL.

  8. Hola, i’m very honored to see that in your header there is a shot of Naples’s Gulf (Italy)… the city that i live in. Thanks for your adds at your contacts in flickr… but Could be pleasant read also your comment to my photo. I like to communicate with the world, even with simple images or words. I hope I can read your mind as soon as possible, see you (mr. botolo aka Alieno per Caso)

  9. Intlxpatr – I have a feeling these aren’t isolated cases and I might find the same types of problems in other schools. We’re looking into other schools but our choices are slim where we live.

    Alieno per Caso/Mr. Botolo – Ciao! The picture was taken last year which is when I fell totally in love with your beautiful city. I had been there as a child but only to catch a ferry to Ischia. It really is a distinct, vibrant, gorgeous city.

  10. My 3 years old son really really wants to go to school ! i know ill have to enroll him by the age of 3 and a half and stories like these scare me in a way I can not describe! i hear horror stories from my friends everyday . i know a lot of nice people who work at schools and nurseries since we have our welovekuwait books in schools book fairs and although they are super nice people its still very very difficult for me to choose a school.. I have nightmares about this everyday!

  11. Aye,yai,yai Stinni! Homeschooling? I truly thought about that for a while. If it weren’t for the social issues, I might do it still. My kids have had pretty good experiences so far at ASK as far as the program is concerned. It is still not like a progressive independent school back home, but ok.
    The social problems have been the most difficult for us.
    Good luck!

  12. AtAkamel is a very good school. in Sabah AlSalem

  13. Does anyone have a phone contact for Bloomingdales in Dasma?

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