Iranian Bread Pizza

December 4, 2007

Yesterday I went to the Iranian bread place to buy dough (“ajeena”). Five portions for only 100fils. What a bargain.

So I came home and set the oven to 470F, opened up a can of peeled whole tomatoes (No. 1 brand), crushed them by hand, added oregano, basil, garlic, salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil, Italian seasoning (a mix of rosemary, thyme, etc.), let it sit while I shaped the dough into a large circle on a pan brushed with olive oil, placed some of the prepared sauce on top, put some shredded mozzarella on top, placed the pan on the bottom of the oven (bottom, not bottom rack, the bottom), shut the door as quickly as possible, let it cook for a few minutes and voila….

Iranian bread pizza

It was OK, but I don’t recommend it. The dough was too chewy and just didn’t marry well with the sauce and cheese. I used the dough to make bread later on for dinner and no matter how much olive oil or flour I used on the pan, the bread ended up sticking in some places.

I think if you bought Iranian bread already made, put a bit of sauce and cheese on top and placed it in the top part of your oven to melt the cheese, it might be OK. At least it’s something quick that you can prepare when you’re really short on time I suppose.

My all-time favorite way to eat Iranian bread? Fresh and hot from the bakery, plain, nothing on it.



  1. mmm yes fresh Iranian bread is delicious. Ive never thought to just buy the dough, thats a great idea. Also, the pizza idea with it sounds yum, maybe just needs tweaking? it sounds too good to dismiss straight away lol
    tc x

  2. Hey Ms. Laila. I won’t totally dismiss it yet, but I think my next adventure involves getting fresh dough from a fatayer place. Mmmmm. I think making your own bread with fresh dough from the Iranian place is good, but it doesn’t come out the way they do it. If you decide to get dough, don’t let them forget to give you a little flour as well. Use the flour for your hands when handling the dough because it’s sticky. For pizza though, I recommend getting the bread already made. That way you get a little crispiness.

    P.S. I just saw your e-mail on the AOL address (remind me to send you the gmail account) and I love the pictures of your cupcakes! I love the way you made each one different. I also enjoyed seeing the hot air balloon pictures as well. Thank you so much for sending them. 🙂

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