Soup For Stuffy Sinuses Recipe

December 11, 2007

Still nursing a nasty sinus/post-nasal drip/flu, so I came up with the following soup. First off, I believe in the power of garlic. It’s good for just about anything. Raw garlic is best. Some people swallow whole raw garlic cloves so that they don’t have garlic breath for the rest of the day. Secondly, I don’t know why but I’m on a beef broth kick. I’m not a beef eater these days. The only time I eat beef is when it’s ground and in a meatball. I also get the urge now and then for a McDonald’s cheeseburger but that’s about it. I think the reason I’m choosing beef broth over chicken is because my children are now in a chicken broth with alphabet pasta soup phase. It started out as just soup with a little pasta and getting them to eat it was easy because I’d say which letters were on their spoons, “Look! You got an O!” Little by little, I added more pasta and less broth. To get them to really enjoy it, I had to partake in the fun so I’m a little bit tired of chicken broth.

This is another quickie. Who has time to make soup from scratch when you’re feeling like you want to crawl up in the fetal position and zone out? If you’re somewhere in the world where finding canned or tetra-packed beef broth is easy, well, this recipe gets even easier. For the rest of us, well…

500ml / 2 cups Water

2 to 2-1/2 beef broth bouillon cubes

Pasta, any small shape will do. I used mini conchiglie rigate

1 large garlic clove, crushed

Lots of freshly ground black pepper

Boil the water with bouillon cubes in a small pot. Once boiling, add pasta until done. Add garlic (I used my garlic press right over the pot), stir a bit then turn off heat. Add freshly ground black pepper. Makes enough for one big bowl. Enjoy!


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