January 10, 2008

BeFunky takes your pictures, sketches them, colors them, warps them if you want, and then lets you easily share your creations with your friends. And the creations can be stunningly beautiful or hysterical (using the warp option). Be warned: it’s fun and addictive. Here is an example of what it can do: the picture below is a cartoonized version of the picture used as my header graphic.

My kitchen
My kitchen looks so much better this way.


  1. Don’t you LOVE that? I swear, I spent about an hour cartoonizing pictures and adding captions to them one day……

  2. Oooooh, I forgot to acknowledge that I found it through you! My bad! I saw your cartoonized version of your wedding picture (with captions and all) and after I cracked up over the captions, I checked it out myself and stayed up late playing around with a bunch of pictures. So cool. 🙂

  3. You KNOW who you have to send me a picture of so that I can make a cartoon out of him with a caption saying “clear ya head”…… – LOL

  4. Definitely! On the way soon! 🙂

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