Shame On You

January 17, 2008

Shame on you, all of you who drove by a little white dog, dying a slow and agonizing death on the freezing cold pavement by my son’s school yesterday. Extra shame on you, the American and European parents of children who attend my son’s school and drove by an animal in need and did NOTHING.

Abandoned Dog

Shame on you, you, the beast who tied this dog’s makeshift collar so tight that it cut through her neck and left her with such bad edema in her head that she might not make it. You, who left her matted and infected with parasites. You, who left her with eyes so full of puss she could hardly open them. You, who left me nauseated and numb at how cruel you could be. May you suffer the same in hell.

Injured Dog

I brought her to the IVH where they shaved around her neck, disinfected the deep gash around her neck, gave her a heavy dose of antibiotics, cleaned out her eyes, and is now being boarded for a few days to see if the swelling goes down enough to stitch her up. Thank you Doctor Carlo of IVH. (Grazie mille.) Thanks to PAWS who promised to take her once she’s in the clear.

**UPDATE** Doctor Carlo has informed me that the swelling has gone down and she’s doing much better.



  1. Oh ! what a shame ! Disgusted at those scum bags who tortured a living beinga and left it to die.

    God bless you for you have shown mercy !

    “Blessed are the mercyful,for they be shown mercy “

  2. Religious implications on touching a dog? We were created to rule over animals and I see no shame in touching a dog. I is not religious implications; some foolish theory

  3. joel, there are no religious implications in helping a suffering animal, dog or not!!

    thats so so sad!
    god bless u stinni

  4. mashallah you’re so brave I wish I can do the same thing *clapping*

    anyone who’s capable of hurting an animal is capable of doing more than that.

  5. oh my god …how horrible…thank u for doing that for the poor doggy..may god reward u with good deeds like u did for this poor helpless animal.

  6. i can nor stop crying

  7. Bless you Stinni.
    You did something wonderful by rescuing it.

  8. There are no religious issues with touching a dog; maybe one of the various superstitions by the ignorant. If this dog was a seluki and not some little fuzzy pup, that dog would’ve been taken care of. Selukis and other “hounds” are not magically some other species than the common canine just because they hunt and have a sleeker fur. This was done by IGNORANT people; no religion would sanction this type of cruel treatment, particularly not Islam, which says that even sacrificial animals must not be treated badly or scared during the slaughter. Some Kuwaitis are afraid of pet (i.e. not hound) dogs because they tend to be imported to guard “farms” for drug smuggler, but noone in his right mind would mistake that little baby for a guard dog. This was just pure ignorance. Stinni, you are a wonderful human being, and a marvelous example of the idea that mankind is meant to be a responsible custodian of the world and its creatures.

  9. poor dog. keep us posted on how it’s doing. there are so many strays in this country it’s really sad. We have a kitten that came from animal friends and i can say the shelters here to fabulous work.

  10. What a sweet little dog, and what a sweet heart you have, Stinni, for having pity on him and taking him where he could get care and be fed. God bless you, God bless you abundantly.

    Stinni, whey do new blogs by Stinni keep popping up on the Kuwait Blog Aggregator?

  11. Oh wow – you were the one who rescued this dog? I heard about him last week. Good for you, girlfriend! Sometimes abusing an animal is as simple as turning away when they are in need. If people are supposedly “animal lovers”, how can they possibly turn away when an animal obviously needs help?

    I wish more people would step up to the plate when they see a wrong.

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