Update on the Rescued Dog

January 28, 2008

After a week’s long stay at the IVH, stitches, grooming and shots, the dog in my previous post is doing well and is at the PAWS shelter. My many thanks to the wonderful people at PAWS for all of their help and putting up with endless phone calls from me.

I have to talk myself out of visiting her because I know I would pick her up and take her home with me. And that wouldn’t be fair for the dog because we’re usually gone during the summers and she would be left with my housekeeper who isn’t loving towards the three pets I already have. I hope she finds a good home. I heard that she’s still shy and withdrawn but I can tell you that she has a wonderful loving nature. Not once did she growl or try to nip the vet when he was cleaning out the gashes in her neck.

Last but not least, thank you all for your wonderful comments on the last post. Blessings, even the virtual ones, are always a pleasure to receive.

[Edited to say that by examining her mouth, the vet approximated her age to be around six-years old. I have no idea what her name was or if she even had a name.]



  1. Stinni,

    I am curious about pets in Kuwait. I’m an American and I’ve only been around for three weeks (starting a new job), but I have not seen a single animal except for a few stray cats. I noticed Carrefour had a petfood section so I assume there must be pets. Are pets allowed in apartments? Is there a veterinary hospital around? So if I got a cat, I could have it neutered?

    Thanks. I happy to have found your blog!

  2. Awww ! thats good news ! I was wondering what happend to the poor dog ! thanks for the update ! By the way what was the name of the Dog ?

  3. Edit : What is the name of the Dog ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Thank you, Stinni, for the update!

    To CJ – there are LOTS of cats and dogs in Kuwait, and PAWS and the Animal Welfare League have many abandoned pets just hoping for a good loving home. Smart people keep their pets inside, or else they get killed in the traffic or sometimes even stolen and never seen again.

  5. yay that’s great. I’m happy for her. Thanks to you

  6. CJ – Hi, fellow New Englander (Mass, here). I hope your stay in Kuwait is a good one. ๐Ÿ™‚ About pets: there’s an animal/pet souk in Shuwaikh which is disgusting and will bring you to tears if you truly love animals. You will see everything from chicks dyed in all different colors to beautiful giant Macaws suffering in obscenely dirty and small cages. If your stomach and heart can handle it, they have every kind of pet you could imagine for sale. Those animals need good homes. Located in the same area are two vet clinics – I’ve only been to one, the name of which escapes me now, but all the vets are Filipino and the prices are very cheap.

    As Intlxpatr said, PAWS and the Animal Welfare League have lots of abandoned cats and dogs who are just waiting for a good person to come along and take them in. I believe most of them are already neutered or spayed (sp?), groomed, and ready to go.

    The only other vet I know about is the IVH, located south of Kuwait City, near Wafra. It’s a gorgeous facility, all the vets are Italian and the prices are high for Kuwait, but very reasonable compared to the States. They also offer boarding in case you travel.

    Like Intlxpatr explained in her comment, pets should be kept inside your home for the most part. I’m not sure how apartments work over here but I’m sure they’re much more relaxed with pet policies compared to the States.

    I will add links to all of these places in my next post.

  7. GreY – I have no idea what her name is. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I just referred to her as the “abandoned dog” whenever I called the IVH or PAWS.

  8. Thanks Stinni & Intlxpatr – exactly the info I was lookng for! Since I may be here a while, Iwas thinking about getting a cat once I settled.

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