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New Blog about Aspergers

January 14, 2008

Just when I thought it was time to give blogging up (I’m always thinking that), I decided to start a blog about Aspergers in Kuwait.

My thanks to Jewaira for writing about autism and giving me the tiny push I needed.

Special thanks to my son for being my son. When you’re older and stumble upon my site, I hope you realize why I made the decision to share our experiences. Remember what I tell you every night before you sleep, and know that I mean it.


School Rant: #2, #3

October 21, 2007

#2: When I picked my son up from school on Thursday, he told me there was a cockroach in the classroom and that the maid killed it WITH HER HAND. Well isn’t that special?

#3: The same maid, according to my son, has a habit of TAPING UP CHILDREN’ MOUTHS when they’re being loud and obnoxious. Well isn’t that extra special?

Kuwait passed a law recently that requires all teaching assistants to be Kuwaiti. Now, I’ve never seen an assistant in my son’s school with the exception of KG – there was one and she floated from class to class. How can you cram 26+ children into one classroom without an assistant? How can ONE teacher handle THAT MANY students? They can’t. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Apparently, my son’s school assigns a maid to each Reception and 1st Year classroom to help out. In other words, they’re too cheap to hire foreign assistants, nevermind Kuwaitis, and so they hire old sour maids who scream at both students and parents*, kill roaches with their hands and tape up kids’ mouths.

*I showed up early one day to pick my son up from school. It was 50 degrees outside so I went inside and stood next to an Egyptian parent who was also waiting for her son. The maid from her son’s classroom came out and screamed at her, “No parents allowed in the hallway! Go! Go to the waiting room! You cannot stand here!” She screamed at her as if she was a child. I was embarrassed FOR her.


School Rant, #1

October 17, 2007

About a month into school, my husband and I were wondering why my son Mishari wasn’t bringing any books home. We knew that he was supposed to get books, we paid KD45 as part of his tuition for them. My husband fired off an e-mail to school a few weeks ago, asking where Mishari’s books were, i.e. Arabic and Islamic Studies. We knew he was in the “support” class for Arabic and we figured he was in the “support” class because he doesn’t know a whole lot of Arabic as his primary language is English.

A few minutes after sending the e-mail, the head of the primary department called my husband and started saying that they didn’t have books in the Arabic “support” class. When my husband asked why our son wasn’t in the regular Arabic class, the teacher/head of department started telling my husband how he would have to get permission for a transfer into the Arabic class for Kuwaiti students. My husband was like, what? I’m Kuwaiti… to which she replied, “Ohhhhh, WE DIDN’T KNOW MISHARI WAS KUWAITI!”


I mean, really.


And even if they couldn’t be bothered with reading his file, you can tell by his last name.

So now my son is a month behind in both Arabic and Islamic Studies. Both classes would have been hard for him from the first day but now he’s a month behind everyone else.

I hate my son’s school but he loves it, has been there since KG, is now in Year 1 (1st Grade) and has friends there. Shisoway?


My Son’s Flickr Page

October 16, 2007

We’ve always let our six-year old son play with our cell phones which can be a little dangerous sometimes, like the day he called a friend of mine at 8:30AM and screamed out every bad word he knows, in between roaring fits of laughter. If that wasn’t bad enough, he coached his little sister to do the same.

The reason we let him play with our phones is not to prank people but because he loves taking pictures. During our time in London, we let him take pictures with our digital camera and we realized we were on to something.

I think it’s fascinating to see the world through a six-year olds’ eyes. Maybe you do, too – so I set up a Flickr page for him. All the pictures there were taken by my son and so far I’ve managed to upload part of the London set. Clicking on the picture below will take you to his page.

Ferrari in London

A Ferrari from Qatar in London. The driver was actually nice and smiled for my son as he snapped this picture.


Think My Son Likes Cars?

October 15, 2007

One of the best things Santa brought for my son last Christmas was a chalkboard. I love going into his room and taking pictures of things he has written on it or the wonderful pictures he draws.



Pink Taxi

September 2, 2007

The #1 reason my son loved London:

Summer07 364


In the Land of Gibbera

May 13, 2007

My 5-year old son has created a continent named Gibbera, where they speak Gibberish and have countries with names like “Sion” and “Limona”. Today he told me that in Gibbera, they have pink clouds and on every Saturday, they have rainbows. Sounds like a nice place.