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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

November 5, 2006

I’d like to know what they put in these sponges because they really are magical. I refused to buy them at first because they were a little pricey but I gave in when my kids wrote on the playroom walls with crayons and pens and nothing was working to get the stains off. I tried 409, diluted Fairy, and Windex. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers took everything off in one easy swipe. No elbow grease involved. I used them again the other day when my son wrote on his furniture with magic marker. Worked like a charm.

The only problem I have with the product is that it disintegrates quickly so it doesn’t last long. Considering that I only use it for really difficult stains that don’t come off with any other product, it’s not a big problem.

If you have children who are a little on the artistic side and have a problem with keeping all magic markers and crayons being out of reach when you’re not looking – this product is a must-have.


Kitchen Basics

June 13, 2006

I've been using liquid stock by Kitchen Basics for a few months now. This stuff is AWESOME. Let me explain why.

Years ago, I became obsessed with reading food labels. I was shocked to find so many additives in what I thought would be simple food. What was even more shocking was that I found ingredients like MSG and trans-fats in bouillon cubes and liquid stock. Kitchen Basics has no MSG and no trans-fats. It's made with all-natural ingredients and is gluten free. 

The stock comes in tetra-paks so it's easy to store in your cupboard or pantry. Once opened, you place it in the fridge.

The stock doesn't need to be diluted so you open and pour, that's it. I can't tell you how much better liquid stock tastes over stock made with bouillon cubes. Kitchen Basics stock is delicious in everything I've used it in including rice pilaf, pasta sauces, and soups.

I can't recommend this product enough. 

[Found in The Sultan Center, Fahaheel.] 


Egyptian Magic Cream

May 20, 2006

An ongoing review. I saw Juliette Lewis on Glow a while back and she recommended Egyptian Magic Cream. She said you could use it for your skin, hair, and that it had a ton of other uses. I decided to check it out on Amazon and after reading that it could be used for eczema and dry skin, I decided to buy it. It cost me almost $35, including shipping and handling to our P.O. box in NY. I then paid another $9 to have it shipped to Kuwait. Total cost was around $44 or KD13. (Remember, I'm rounding off.) I usually don't pay that much for a skin cream so my expectations were high. When it arrived today, I opened it up and put it on a few psoriasis patches I have. They instantly looked better. Not cleared up and gone, but better and to the point that I wouldn't be embarrassed going out with the patches visible. I also put a little on my lips and OH MY GOD, they have never been so soft! The list of its uses is massive. I'm going to apply some to my face and see if there is any benefit to using it as an overnight moisturizer. I'm also going to try it out as a hair conditioner. The ingredients are all natural. It's made out of: olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis*, and "Divine love". Women have been using some of these products on their skin for centuries. I'm in an earthy/crunchy phase and so using products with natural ingredients is important to me. The last thing I want to do is put chemicals on my face if I can avoid it. So far, so good. *I had to look up the word "propolis" and it's "a resinous substance collected from the buds of certain trees by bees and used as a cement or sealant in the construction of their hives."


Clinique’s Superpowder Double Face Powder

April 23, 2006

When you're over 35, face powder can become your worst enemy. It settles into those fine lines that you might not have noticed prior to the powder's application. Most powders age women instead of setting their foundation makeup. The only face powder I'll use and one that I never leave home without is Clinique's Superpowder Double Face Powder. As a woman who is barely hanging on to her 30s, this powder works wonders. Instead of accentuating fine lines, it sort of smudges them. It evens everything out and keeps the shine at bay. My mother, who is in her 50s, is the one who introduced me to this powder. Before going downstairs to eat with my husband's family during her last visit, she'd swipe her face a few times with this amazing powder and she went from looking good to fabulous in an instant. Her powder came with lipstick inside its own little compartment within the compact but I haven't been able to find it that way in Kuwait yet. I heard you can find it with the lipstick at the airport's duty free stores. With the lipstick, it's perfect for trips when you need a last minute touch-up. From Clinique's site:

Powder and foundation combined. Long-wearing, full coverage powder that works as an over-foundation finisher or as a powder foundation. Extra-cling power for double coverage. Lends a smooth, matte, skin-perfection finish.

Product: Clinique's Superpowder Double Face Powder in Matte Beige (02) Price: Around KD8 My skin: Very oily and big T-zone, pale, over 35 Status: Highly recommended