Mariette, the Rescued Dog

January 29, 2008

PAWS has named her Mariette and has some pictures of her on their website:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

She looks so much better than she did on the day I found her, dying. But it looks like she has a long way to go before she is completely healed.


Update on the Rescued Dog

January 28, 2008

After a week’s long stay at the IVH, stitches, grooming and shots, the dog in my previous post is doing well and is at the PAWS shelter. My many thanks to the wonderful people at PAWS for all of their help and putting up with endless phone calls from me.

I have to talk myself out of visiting her because I know I would pick her up and take her home with me. And that wouldn’t be fair for the dog because we’re usually gone during the summers and she would be left with my housekeeper who isn’t loving towards the three pets I already have. I hope she finds a good home. I heard that she’s still shy and withdrawn but I can tell you that she has a wonderful loving nature. Not once did she growl or try to nip the vet when he was cleaning out the gashes in her neck.

Last but not least, thank you all for your wonderful comments on the last post. Blessings, even the virtual ones, are always a pleasure to receive.

[Edited to say that by examining her mouth, the vet approximated her age to be around six-years old. I have no idea what her name was or if she even had a name.]


Shame On You

January 17, 2008

Shame on you, all of you who drove by a little white dog, dying a slow and agonizing death on the freezing cold pavement by my son’s school yesterday. Extra shame on you, the American and European parents of children who attend my son’s school and drove by an animal in need and did NOTHING.

Abandoned Dog

Shame on you, you, the beast who tied this dog’s makeshift collar so tight that it cut through her neck and left her with such bad edema in her head that she might not make it. You, who left her matted and infected with parasites. You, who left her with eyes so full of puss she could hardly open them. You, who left me nauseated and numb at how cruel you could be. May you suffer the same in hell.

Injured Dog

I brought her to the IVH where they shaved around her neck, disinfected the deep gash around her neck, gave her a heavy dose of antibiotics, cleaned out her eyes, and is now being boarded for a few days to see if the swelling goes down enough to stitch her up. Thank you Doctor Carlo of IVH. (Grazie mille.) Thanks to PAWS who promised to take her once she’s in the clear.

**UPDATE** Doctor Carlo has informed me that the swelling has gone down and she’s doing much better.


Real Da Vinci Code?

January 15, 2008

Musician discovers hymn hidden inside “The Last Supper”.

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New Blog about Aspergers

January 14, 2008

Just when I thought it was time to give blogging up (I’m always thinking that), I decided to start a blog about Aspergers in Kuwait.

My thanks to Jewaira for writing about autism and giving me the tiny push I needed.

Special thanks to my son for being my son. When you’re older and stumble upon my site, I hope you realize why I made the decision to share our experiences. Remember what I tell you every night before you sleep, and know that I mean it.



January 10, 2008

BeFunky takes your pictures, sketches them, colors them, warps them if you want, and then lets you easily share your creations with your friends. And the creations can be stunningly beautiful or hysterical (using the warp option). Be warned: it’s fun and addictive. Here is an example of what it can do: the picture below is a cartoonized version of the picture used as my header graphic.

My kitchen
My kitchen looks so much better this way.

No Fear

January 9, 2008

This song will forever remind me of decorating the Christmas tree, 2007. My favorite part from the song comes at the end:

A parte che i tempi stringono
e tu li vorresti allargaree
intanto si allarga la nebbia
e avresti potuto vivere al mare
ed anche le stelle cadono
alcune sia fuori che dentro
e un desiderio che esprimite
ne rimangono fuori altri cento..

I’m terrible at translating but it goes something like this:

Apart form the time that becomes less
while you would like to have more
meanwhile the fog grows
and you could have lived by the sea
and the stars fall
some of them outside
some of them within
for every desire you express
you have one hundred wishes left…

Click here to see the video Niente Paura by Ligabue on YouTube.